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“There is no such thing as old businesses but old ideas- we must innovate!” #TITB14 - Bonnie Brooks, Think Inside the Box keynote speaker and President of Hudson’s Bay Company.

Survival of the Fittest: “It’s feast or famine!”

This year’s Think Inside the Box featured expert speakers in marketing, business intelligence, technology, neuroscience, creative/production and more. Our sessions focussed on thriving in the rapidly evolving marketing environment, using proven strategies merged with innovative execution.

A big thank you to all sponsors, speakers and attendees for joining Canada Post at this year’s Think Inside the Box. Together, we have made it our most successful customer conference gathering since our launch in 2008.

Check out what our intriguing speakers had to say below and download your own copy of the presentations.

Bonnie Brooks, President, Hudson’s Bay Company

The Keynote Speaker, Bonnie Brooks, shared what it takes to grow and lead—and change—any organization. As the first female CEO and President of Hudson's Bay, Bonnie Brooks was at the helm of HBC's successful turnaround across Canada.

Bonnie Brooks believes in the personal touch - real stamps, real letters! It’s a personalized business #TITB14 #PrintDigitalWorld — Michael Chase (@chasethisnow) October 9, 2014

Lori Bieda - The marketing analytics team of the future

Lori Bieda is Vice President, Client Insights Analytics & Decision Intelligence at TD Bank Group. Her session focuses on creating exceptional customer experiences through the power of customer information and insights.

The greatest challenges with analytical teams? Developing their business perspective. #TITB14 — Cristina Costa (@cristinafcosta) October 9, 2014


Stephen Brown - FUSE marketing

Stephen Brown focussed on the expansion of “direct” beyond mail, now including email, social media and more. His session highlights the best from around the globe and in Canada from the past 12 months.

Direct marketing is the anchor between social media & PR hype - Stephen Brown, President @fusemg presents the 'Mailbox on Steroids' #TITB14 — Canada Post DM (@canadapostcorp) October 9, 2014

 Dan MacKenzie - Connecting with fans’ passion for basketball

Dan MacKenzie, Vice-President & General Manager of NBA Canada , featured key points on how he connects fans to their passions, and builds both the business and the sport of basketball.

Dan MacKenzie wants to be very clear that he loves Magic. #titb14 #nba #abracaballer — Sam Sheppard (@TheSamSheppard) October 9, 2014

Michael Chase – St Joseph Communications

Michael Chase, CMO at St. Joseph Communications, shared key trends in Print and how it continues to evolve in a truly digital world, creating new opportunities for traditional marketing channels.

@chasethisnow of @stjoseph presents on how union of digital + print creates utility and value at @canadapostcorp #TITB14 — Bernard Hellen (@bernardhellen) October 9, 2014

Diana Lucaci – Direct mail and the brain – new insights from neuroscience

Diana Lucaci, Founder and CEO of True Impact Marketing, discussed how brain imaging technology can be used to help design new direct mail experiences, optimized for the mind, that have a much higher chance of converting.

Attending @canadapostcorp #TITB14 event. Very interesting session about tapping into Neuroscience to learn more about how we consume media. — Karyn Mark (@KarynMark) October 9, 2014

Kimberley Blease – Marketing things not for sale: lessons from the world of the NFP

Kimberly Blease, VP Marketing and Senior Fundraiser at Blakely Journey focused on how Not For Profits use insights, channels and creativity to build a sense of community and meet objectives in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

We are feeling machines that think, not thinking machines that feel! #TITB14 #blakelyjourney — Kimberley Blease (@KimberleyBlease) October 9, 2014

Alyson Gausby – The Modern Canadian Man

Alyson Gausby is the Canadian Consumer Insights Lead at Microsoft. Her session offered key trends in consumer behaviour, focusing on the Canadian marketplace and the increasing power of the male shopping cart.

I am now picturing all data analysts in glittery leotards #datagymnastics #titb14 — cara williams (@caratothejane) October 9, 2014

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