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Posted on Feb. 25, 2015 by @canadapostcorp in Marketing solutions
“We love Canada Post direct mail – it’s a great way to find new customers for our business.” Rent frock Repeat"

When asked what kept them up at night, over 75% of small business owners identified finding new customers as their big worry. Dream customers – the ones who keep coming back and tell friends how much they love a business – are out there. So how to find these customers and get their attention in a world where the average person sees hundreds of ads every day?

Small business owners know that marketing does the trick. But they want to make sure that they get the best return on the time and money invested in that marketing. One effective and proven channel, direct mail, is Canadians’ favourite way to hear from businesses. Did you know that direct mail:

  • Has response rates 30 times higher than email
  • Can provide a return on investment (ROI) double that of other print media
  • Is the only marketing channel to reach 100% of your audience – and to be opened by 9 out of 10people if they think it looks interesting1
  • Prompted 61% of Canadians to make in-store purchases and 39% to buy online


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Not your parents’ direct mail

Forget about old-school “spray and pray” methods. Today’s direct mail takes advantage of technology for effective results that fit almost any budget. An all-in-one solution designed just for small businesses, Snap Admail™, provides a simple 3-step process of create, target, and order.

Snap Admail users can choose from over 1,000 template designs for a wide range of businesses. They can also upload their own artwork. Plus, professional design help is always available.

The targeting tool’s powerful data combines with business owners’ knowledge of their customers to find nearby areas that are richest in “best customer” characteristics. Selection choices include drive time from your business, age, income, education, home-type, family status and more.

Once the order is placed, everything else is taken care of – printing, mail prep and delivery to targeted neighbourhoods happens seamlessly. It’s easy and effective marketing that leaves more time for business owners to take care of customers.

Watch how simple it is to use Snap Admail

Every business has more than one customer

Business owners know they should target different types of customers, but they often struggle to find the time for 1 marketing piece, never mind 2. Snap Admail’s ease of targeting, immediate access to different designs and low minimum cost (starting at just $500) make it possible to create campaigns for different customer groups with minimum effort.

A condo development might target young women who rent and want to take their first step up the property ladder with an over-sized postcard that touches on investment, shopping and social spots. To market the same building to seniors, it sends a letter that highlights security and low-maintenance living to nearby neighbourhoods full of older home-owners.

How to build a better direct mail marketing campaign with Snap Admail

  • Look good. Make your marketing piece stand out with great-looking creative.  Something that is visually appealing will stand out. Snap Admail offers professionally designed templates or, if you like, the service of a graphic designer.
  • Just the facts. Tell customers why they should visit you, where you’re located, your website, contact info, and business hours, for example.
  • Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Great offers drive great response. Track your coupon redemptions to find out how successful your campaign was. Make it easy for new customers to redeem the coupon, which helps to build interest and loyalty.
  • The more the merrier. Where possible, use direct mail with other media (such as newspapers, online or email) to build a stronger marketing campaign.
  • Location, location, location. Use Snap Admail’s powerful interactive mapping feature to pick the neighbourhoods where the customers you’re looking for live. Women 35-44 living in detached homes, a 5-km drive from your business? Check. We can help you with that.


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Dragons’ Den participants saw powerful response rates

These small business people braved the Dragons’ Den. Some emerged with deals, some didn’t. But they all won with their direct marketing campaigns. Online business Rent frock Repeat saw a 30% spike in web traffic.  The takeout site Click My Restaurant was impressed with their 30% return rate. The line-up deepened at Toronto’s Caplanski’s Delicatessen with the 25% walk-in boost generated by its Snap Admail campaign.

These winning entrepreneurs loved the ROI of their easy-to-produce direct mail campaigns. Watch how they boosted business.

1 Consumer Attitudes towards Direct Marketing and Traditional Media, CP 09-210, March 2010

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