Digital marketing at its best: Great ideas from DX3 2015!

Posted on April 14, 2015 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions
“The 3 key pillars of your ecommerce business: Product. Customer. Channel.” – Hicham Ratnani
co-founder, Frank & Oak @frankandoak #dx32015

We spent a whirlwind two days at DX3 2015, Canada’s largest conference and trade show for digital marketing, digital advertising, and digital retail. Fresh from fascinating sessions, exploring new technologies and learning new strategies, we wanted to share some great insights with you!

"You need to know how, you need to know now!”

Want to improve your customer experience? There are key elements to bring your e-commerce business to the next level. Sessions focussed on: targeting, advertising, engaging, buying and supporting your customers through their online journey.

Did you attend DX3 this year? Here is a quick digest of our favorite insights from the sessions.

Our Top 5 DX3 insights for digital business

Here are some of the top ideas that came out of the sessions we attended:

1. Use data, internal and external, to better understand your customers and inform your marketing investments.

Analytics play a key part in finding out where your customers are going. Before you invest in marketing, know why and where you want to reach them.

2. Draw out every detail of your customer journey. By doing so, you can uncover opportunities and fix problem areas.

Do you know how long it takes to make a purchase? Are there common areas customers get lost or drop away? Finding these glitches to improve customer experience will boost loyalty.

3. New technologies are making it easier for customers to buy online.

From using Xbox gaming systems to make purchases to wearable technology, shopping electronically is becoming more accessible.

4. The 3 key pillars of your e-commerce business are: Product. Customer. Channel.

Focus on creating a great product that delivers on your promises. Go where your customers are- and give them a great experience. Learn which channel to use to attract new clients.

5. Physical drives the digital: Email gets deleted. Mail works.

Take a second look at traditional mail marketing. Did you know physical mail is one of the best marketing tools to attract customers and boost sales? Try a mail out, flyer or catalogue to tell your brand story. Learn why print catalogues work so well in the digital world.

Best speaker points from DX3

Below are our favorite tweets and insights from speakers over the two days at DX3. Topics ranged from business planning strategies, using analytics, combining digital and physical marketing, and tailoring the customer experience, to new areas of digital innovation.

Planning is essential to e-commerce business

A successful online business works like a bricks and mortar business – planning is key:

  • Create a culture by design. Imagine the end state and work backwards - @mserbinis #dx32015
  • Opening an online store is equally difficult as a retail store. It's all location location location. @frankandoak #dx32015
  • Ecommerce business? Start with a great product that delivers on your promises @frankandoak #dx32015

Use your analytics information strategically

Your analytics information can be the gateway to boosting sales and improving customer experience:

  • Advanced analytics can help with recommendations on where to innovate your customer experience @indigo #dx32015
  • Organic is a thing of the past. You need to provide a measurable experience and get deeper into the data to make social work for you. @indigo #dx32015
  • Create measurable social experiences: get deep in the data to make social work for you. @frankandoak #dx32015
  • Starting up an SMB? Go where your customers already are! Find them on social and mobile. @frankandoak #dx32015

Combine digital and physical marketing for best results

Marketing meets success when you use both physical and digital channels together:

  • To be a great brand online, you need to be a great brand offline Aaron Zifkin @zifkin from @AirBnB ‎#dx32015
  • People research products online but want to touch and feel what they purchase @brikashop #dx32015
  • Skeptical about flyers and print? They got us a huge ecommerce revenue boost. @snugglebugz #dx32015

Improving your customer experience builds loyalty

We see so often online incentives to encourage customer loyalty, but when it comes down to it, giving a great experience is most effective:

  • Storyboard your customer journey in detail and find the gaps where your customers need support #dx32015
  • Want to grow your ecommerce business? Invest in people, product, systems and partners @snugglebugz @dx32015
  • Key to onsite customer retention and loyalty: timing during experience is everything @snugglebugz #dx32015
  • Want customer loyalty? Forget virtual candy or points. Provide a great experience first. @brikashop #dx32015

Grab customer attention -- new techniques

What’s new and hot? Neuroscience, wearable technology, and unique ways to use familiar technology:

  • Innovation in online shopping- Use the Xbox to make purchases! #microsoftexperience #dx32015
  • What is neuro marketing? Outreach that is designed to cause specific brain responses to your message. @brainsightsTO #dx32015
  • There's an explosion of brain research hitting the media. Wearable technology is part of the trend @brainsightsTO #dx32015
  • 3 non conscious components that define persuasion: attention, connection, encoding (to memory) @brainsightsTO #dx32015

Ultimately, a big takeaway is to keep going and be willing to try new things. “Starting out? Don't be afraid to fail. Try, fail, fix, and learn. The key: Learn and keep going.”@snugglebugz #dx32015

Did you attend DX3 this year?

Browse this year’s photo gallery of speakers and attendees.

DX3 was quite the whirlwind! If you attended, let us know.

What was a great takeaway from the sessions or exhibitors you visited?


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