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Posted on June 01, 2015 by @canadapostcorp in Marketing solutions

The 2015 INCITE Award celebrates campaigns that leverage direct mail’s unique ability to make an intimate, tangible connection. If you’ve created an outstanding piece of DM – that’s delivered outstanding response rates – you deserve some recognition.

Celebrating the work consumers couldn’t resist

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) Awards recognize excellence in marketing, whatever the discipline, whatever the sector. Winning campaigns are judged on the three pillars of great marketing – strategy, creative and results. This year, Canada Post is sponsoring the 2015 INCITE Award to recognize outstanding execution in the direct mail channel.

“Creating new ways to engage customers in an ad-soaked arena is an ongoing challenge. Consumers want to be wowed. That’s where Direct Mail’s powerful ability to make physical, mental and emotional impressions comes in.” Jennifer Campbell, GM Commercial Marketing, Canada Post Corporation

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Showcase your genius

If you’ve worked on a campaign that delivered stellar results and included direct mail in the last 18 months, it’s time to enter. Early-bird deadline: June 18 | Final deadline July 16

What an award winning DM campaign looks like

Ever been so excited by a magazine renewal form that you just had to share it?

Karate Bushido magazine subscribers did! A renewal campaign from the creative team at TBWA sent subscribers a plain brown envelope (boring!) that felt substantial (interesting). Readers opened it to find a stamped plank of wood, instructing them to break the board in half and mail it in to renew their subscription. They liked it so much that renewal rates were upped by 23% and the magazine even saw brand new subscribers, thanks to recipients sharing the clever piece.


Source: adforum.com

The piece worked by engaging emotions – surprise, humour and even the recipients reasons for subscribing, to improve their ability in the sport. It also made a strong impression on the brain’s memory and emotional centers by leveraging sensory qualities. Imagine the feel of the stamped letters in the plank, the smell of the wood, and the sound and kinetic force of snapping it in half.

Consumers want to be wowed and this campaign did just that

Rogers Communications Inc wanted to demonstrate how easily a table became the ultimate accessory when paired with wireless internet service. The Würstlingroup agency created an integrated campaign, Tablets for Mums, which included a fashionable purse-shaped mailer designed to catch the eye of the campaigns’ target audience.

The DM piece worked with social media and online strategy, generating over 860,000 twitter impressions. The client enjoyed a 60% higher response rate for addressed mailings and a whopping 150% greater response rate for unaddressed mailings, compared to previous tablet campaigns. “Direct mail lets us be highly targeted. Instead of selling tablets, we were able to be very focussed on the customer benefit of tablets to our target, mums,” explained Rogers Communications Marketing Communications Manager Andrew Rusk.


“In a field of impressive entries, the Tablets for Mums campaign stood out because it blended the creative potential of DM’s visual and physical qualities with messaging that was bang-on to grab the attention of the target audience,” says Yvonne Nunnaro, Group Account Director at Squareknot and a past judge at CMA’s Direct Marketing Awards. “Plus it used DM’s cross-media strengths perfectly, driving a strong online and mobile campaign.”


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