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Posted on Sept. 03, 2015 by @canadapostcorp in Marketing solutions

The physicality of direct mail means it gets noticed, opened, read, shared, kept, displayed and acted on. Some of the most innovative, successful campaigns of the last two years mixed direct mail’s physical power with the connective reach of digital to create marketing powerhouses.


Loyalty. BMW owners received a mailing with a Christmas “Soundtree” image generated by revving the motor of their beloved BMW model. They were invited to a special webpage where they could then order a Christmas ornament based on their car's soundtree.


Sharing. Milka asked customers to connect over that precious last piece of its chocolate bar by going online and making a choice: get the last, missing piece of chocolate sent to the buyer or they could send it to someone they cared about. The social (and chocolate) sharing was phenomenal.


Fun. Haircare brand KMS California was falling out of fashion with stylists and needed a marketing campaign to turn salons and consumers back into fans. A clever campaign used a shaggy-haired doll to engage key influencers and stylists, creating customer interest that increased sales by 27 per cent.


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Science and research

Neuromarketing research reveals what motivates customers
Recent neuromarketing research (highlighted in the whitepaper A Bias for Action) shows that direct mail has a motivation response 20 per cent higher than that of digital media. And that direct mail is easier to understand. Can you leverage Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ to create even stronger marketing campaigns?

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Breaking through the noise of the marketing cloud
The new whitepaper Breaking Through the Noise shares fresh discoveries that help improve campaign responses and consumer relationships.

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