Smartmail Marketing boosts car dealership – record sales!

Posted on April 04, 2016 by Canada Post in Marketing solutions

As an auto dealership, you know brand loyalty fades easily and competition is fierce. Getting new business is about more than just sending out mass email messages. To win the game, you need a dynamic campaign that combines digital and physical outreach.

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Saskatoon’s Sherwood Chevrolet did just that. Using direct mail in a multi-channel campaign they sold a record number of cars in one month. 

Drive traffic and sales with direct mail

For its 45th anniversary, Sherwood Chevrolet created a multi-channel campaign to sell 45 cars for just $45 over the wholesale cost. This included a Neighbourhood Mail™ piece with a $25 gift certificate for services at the dealership.

Sherwood used the Canada Post Precision Targeter™ tool to conquest prospects near their dealership. The direct mail campaign resulted in:

  • 900 new walk-in customers to the dealership
  • 134% increase in new customer leads – calls or emails after receiving the direct mail piece
  • 100% increase in website traffic the week the Neighbourhood Mail piece was delivered to homes
  • 90% increase in monthly traffic compared to last year

Neighbourhood Mail drives customers to store and website

Most importantly, Sherwood sold a record number of cars in the month the campaign launched.

“I’m quite confident in saying that the direct mail was a big piece of those leads,” said Jay Brown, marketing manager for Sherwood Chevrolet. “There is a tremendous value in having direct mail as part of the integrated marketing plan.”

Use direct mail (with Precision Targeter) to propel your campaign

When it comes to boosting sales, direct mail has several advantages:

  • targeted direct mail gets you accurate tracking and measureable ROI
  • 51% say they prefer companies to use a combination of mail and email when communicating with them – customers prefer direct mail marketing from local businesses over email
  • 66% keep mail they consider useful
  • 64% visited a website in reaction to direct mail

Try Precision Targeter to find your ideal customer

This powerful tool leads you through simple steps to select the demographic and location you want to reach with a bulk or unaddressed mailing campaign.

For Sherwood Chevrolet, the results of the integrated campaign speak for themselves.

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