If Magento’s your e-commerce platform, discover how Canada Post shipping features fit in

Posted on May 31, 2016 by CPO in Shipping Solutions

When your online store's e-commerce platform and shipping features fit together, the results can be as tasty as a peanut-butter-and jelly-sandwich. Magento, one of North America's leading e-commerce platforms, and Canada Post, the preferred shipper of Canadian online shoppers, have worked closely together to integrate features that improve your e-commerce operations and help to deliver a better end-to-end shopping experience.

Tip. Part 2 of this blog describes how to turn on Magento and Canada Post features and get them working for your e-commerce store.

What Canada Post features are available for my Magento store?

In Magento Connect, you can buy and install Canada Post extensions to add these in-demand features to your online store. Some of the most helpful include:

Automated shipping labels. Boost productivity by creating your own shipping labels within your Magento store – getting rid of the need to measure and weigh individual shipments gets your parcels to customers that much faster (for both Contract and Non-Contract shipping).

Tip. If you currently use a third-party shipping software like ShipStation, OrderCup or Canada Post's Electronic Shipping Tool (EST) to print your labels, you can keep doing so, if you prefer that option.

Show customers shipping costs and delivery dates. Display shipping costs your way – and set shipping defaults and delivery instructions. Did you know that 23% of shoppers who have abandoned a cart in the past1 did so because of delivery timing issues?  By adding your fulfilment time into the calculation, your customers see more accurate dates for receiving their purchases.

Give your customers end-to-end tracking. 3 out of 4 shoppers2 track their purchases during the delivery process. Magento and Canada Post make tracking easy by automatically emailing your customers a tracking number when the shipping label is created. Plus, by hosting tracking on your Magento store, you keep your customers happy and returning to your website – exposed to more offers and making new purchases.

Offer unmatched delivery convenience with Deliver to Post Office. During checkout, offer your customers the option to pick up their order from the post office of their choice. Most shoppers are not at home during the day to receive their parcels. In fact, a third of frequent online shoppers3 would take the Deliver to Post Office option if it was given during their checkout!

Make the returns process convenient – for your shoppers and you. Create a positive, simplified and convenient returns experience by integrating your returns process directly into your Magento admin. It also gives you an easy way to create return labels right from the Magento admin panel.

How do I get these features for my online store?

If you want to add these business-and-customer-friendly features to your store, you can easily access them through two extensions: Collins Harper and Demac Media.

Tip. While you can install the extension yourself, relying on Collins Harper or Demac Media to install them for you speeds up installation and reduces the chance of errors – you also receive support from Demac Media or Collins Harper in case of installation issues.

Collins Harper Canada Post 2.0 Shipping Module provides streamlined shipping solutions for Magento merchants. In addition to the expected, new abilities are integrated with Canada Post, such as Deliver to Post Office, full bilingualism and automatic customs documents. Get Collins Harper shipping module

Demac Media Canada Post Integration supports the complete shipping flow, including rate requests, manifests, labels and shipment cancellations. Get Demac Media Canada Post integration tool

Tip.  Canada Post extensions are available with Magento 1. Stay tuned for upcoming extensions for Magento 2. 

Part 2 of this blog describes how to turn on Magento and Canada Post functions once they're installed – and get them working for your e-commerce store. Read now

1 Canada Post Canadian Online Shopper Sensitivity to Shipping Costs Research Study, September 2015, n=4,037
2 Omnibus Survey: CPC Marketing Research - Online Shopping Omnibus CPC#13-215, August 2013
3 Consumer Delivery Preferences, Canada Post Study no 14-206, Aug 2014



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