How Roots boosted sales with millennial shoppers with Postal Code Targeting

Posted on Aug. 08, 2018 by Canada Post in Marketing solutions

Image courtesy of Roots

From the iconic beaver in its logo, to its top-quality clothes, accessories, footwear and leather goods, Roots is one of Canada’s best-known brands. As more consumers explore e-commerce as well as shop in-store, the retailer has begun to grow its customer base with Postal Code Targeting from Canada Post.

Roots defined its target segment for the campaign as independent and creative women and men between 28 and 35, then sent them a mini-catalogue during the back-to-school season – a peak retail season when many people hit their reset button. The national mailing featured bold photography alongside references to Roots more than 40-year history, offering valuable content to engage this audience.

Gabriela Mercer, Analyst E-Commerce and Marketing at Roots Canada, remarked,

We wanted to represent the best elements of the new collection in an elevated way, balancing editorial and product content. We wanted to shift perceptions – have back-to-school information but also tell the story of our heritage. It’s something you want to keep on your coffee table, flip through and spend time with.

Online and in-store sales growth

Roots sent the catalogue to five key neighbourhoods within a radius of a local Roots, after partnering with Canada Post’s data team to target new customers. Together, they examined the demographics and past purchase data of Roots’s customer base. The catalogue was sent to potential customers in the five neighbourhoods who fit the Roots target demographic, offering them additional savings when they purchased two items or more.

“We saw strong sales, both in-store and online, related to the campaign,” Mercer said. “But what was really interesting for me was the order growth in the postal codes we targeted with Canada Post.”

“In fact, online sales from customers in postal codes targeted by Canada Post were considerably higher compared with non-targeted postal codes,” Mercer says.

“Moving forward, Roots will continue to incorporate Postal Code Targeting into their campaigns,” says Mercer. “Great content and strong data has proven to be a perfect fit.”

Roots was able to efficiently target ideal customers and increase e-commerce revenue during the campaign, in part thanks to its partnership with Canada Post.

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