Find your ideal customer faster with the enhanced Precision Targeter

Posted on March 01, 2018 by Canada Post in Marketing solutions

Effectively targeting the right customers in the right locations helps improve response to your Neighbourhood Mail campaigns. Canada Post’s free, online Precision Targeter tool helps you find your best customers – and recent enhancements make it even easier to use.

Reach the right customers to boost you campaign’s success

Precision Targeter is a simple tool to help you target your ideal audience and find the right customers for your business. Its step-by-step approach and interactive maps let you tailor your Neighbourhood Mail campaign to the specific demographic and location you want to reach. The tool lets you easily make and adjust your selections to meet your marketing objectives and stay on budget.

Enhancements make it faster, easier to use

We recently introduced some changes to make the process of finding your ideal audience with Precision Targeter even more straightforward.

  • Easier to use – The new streamlined design is simpler, more intuitive and devotes more space to the map for better viewing.
  • New functionality - Toggle between data and map views to analyze and edit your targets more easily.
  • Faster from start to finish – Faster response times let you get your results quickly.
  • More demographic categories – Narrow your target with newly added categories, including building construction period, immigrants’ place of birth and occupation field.

Try out the new and improved Precision Targeter now.


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