14 tips to protect your belongings in a move

Posted on April 05, 2013 by Mov_CanPost in smartmoves
  1. Use “fragile” stickers and “this end up” arrows on cartons requiring special care.
  2. Use towels and blankets as extra padding.
  3. Wrap dishes in clean paper or bubble wrap, not newspaper, to avoid ink stains.
  4. Pack flat items, such as china dishes, mirrors and pictures, on edge.
  5. Pack lampshades by themselves and take light bulbs out of sockets.
  6. Pack books on edge in small cartons. Be careful not to pack too many to lift!
  7. Pack electronics and computer equipment in the boxes they came in whenever possible. Tape down moving parts to avoid damage during the move.
  8. Put CDs, records and tapes on edge, packed tightly so they don’t shift around.
  9. Tie brooms, mop handles and curtain rods in bundles.
  10. Use wardrobe cartons to move clothing.
  11. If you disassemble furniture, put the bolts, fasteners and assembly instructions in a plastic bag and tape to the underside of one of the pieces.
  12. Wrap tabletops with pads to protect the finish.
  13. Fill the washing machine tub with blankets or stuffed animals to keep it secure during transport.
  14. Secure drawers inside the fridge or other appliances so they don’t come loose. But don’t tape bureau drawers shut it could damage the finish!
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