Does your move call for an insurance update?

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Mov_CanPost in smartmoves

Does your move call for an insurance update?
A new dwelling means changes to your insurance policy. Thirty minutes with an insurer can help to prevent future problems with insurance claims.

Changing existing insurance to fit your new home.
Tailor your insurance to fit your new situation. Your existing insurance is good for 30 days after a move, but then you’ll need a new policy. Make sure you cover any changes—did you upgrade your appliances, or install a home theatre? If your new house has a pool, increased liability coverage is needed. In a condo, the right insurance ensures that a leaky toilet or overflowing tub won’t leave you on the hook for expensive repairs to apartments below you.

A change of provinces?
Your provincial health insurance stops 3 months (or less!) after you move—and it can take as long as 3 months to be covered by your new province’s plan, so make applying for health coverage a priority.

Coverage during a move.

Belongings already covered by a renters or homeowners insurance policy are protected (if you are moving inside Canada). Alternatively, most moving companies offer special insurance—it makes sense if you have a high deductible or don’t want another claim on an existing policy.