Portable containers make storage and moving easier

Posted on July 08, 2013 by Mov_CanPost in smartmoves

It’s moving time for Katie. She’s decluttered, she’s held the garage sale, and she’s donated useful items she no longer wants to local charities – but she still has precious possessions that won’t fit in to her new, smaller apartment. She plans to buy a warehouse conversion two years from now. In the meantime, her prized collection of mid-century modern furniture requires safe storage.

Katie may find that the most convenient, secure storage is a fairly recent development in the storage industry – portable containers:

  • A small, medium, or large container is delivered to your driveway or parking spot.
  • You fill it at your convenience.
  • When you’ve finished loading it up, you call to arrange pickup.
  • The portable container is collected and goes to a storage facility (where you’ll pay monthly fees) or transferred to a moving truck to be delivered to your new home.

Portable containers come in sizes designed to take everything from a small bachelor apartment to several rooms. If you’ve got a large home, they can drop off more than one container (either all at once or after collecting one you’ve filled). Depending on the company, the storage container may be all metal, tarped-wood, or metal with plastic windows.

A real advantage of portable storage containers is that you only transfer your belongings once. When you are ready to reclaim stored possessions, there is no need to deal with taking goods out of the storage locker, loading them into a truck, and then unloading them again. This reduces breakage and loss – and it’s much less work! You can also choose to store some goods in a container for storage and have another container(s) delivered to your new home. It eliminates the hassle of renting, filling, and returning a moving truck.

In terms of cost, most companies charge a drop-off and collection fee that is slightly more expensive than renting a moving van. The actual monthly storage fees are comparable to the typical industry fees, starting around $50 per month. The locking containers are as secure as other commercial storage systems. Watch out for surcharges for contents coverage and penalties for keeping the containers longer (or shorter) than the contract specifies.

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