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Posted on Sept. 26, 2013 by Mov_CanPost in smartmoves

Use your move’s communication services switch-over to choose the internet, home and cell phone, entertainment, and home security services that suit your needs. Consider:

  • Exactly what telecommunication services do I use and want?
  • Can I negotiate a better deal with my existing supplier(s)?

The services you need depend on your family and habits. When it comes to phone service, a household with children can save money using a family plan – and if there are teenagers, a more generous text and talk allowance is smart. Go through last year’s bills and look at usage patterns – do you need unlimited long-distance or are most of your communications via texting? Do you really use your land-line, or are you paying for it out of habit?

What about your internet service? The speed of data download and the amount of data downloaded are the two main cost considerations. If, for example, you just use the internet to send emails, do some standard web surfing, and visit social media sites, a low speed connection (up to 3 megabits per second –Mbps) and a 500 megabyte (MB) monthly data cap is probably enough. But if there are multiple internet users or you enjoy playing high-resolution online games and watching videos, then you’ll want a higher speed and a big data cap on your plan – an average 90 minute movie in SD uses about a Gigabyte (GB) of data and the same movie requires 3 GB if you are watching it in 720HD. And you’ll find speeds of less than10 Mbsp too slow, especially in a multiple user situation.

When it comes to cable, think about which specialty channels you watch. Cable providers now offer specialty packs so that you don’t have to pay for channels that you don’t use.

Some telecommunication companies now offer a home security service that alerts you when people enter and features visual monitoring so allows you to see what’s happening in and around your home no matter where you are. Bundled as part of a package, it may deliver more and cost less than your current security service.

Now that you’ve decided on the types and levels of telecommunication services, save money by looking at the deals that providers are offering. When you call to arrange connection for new services, ask for a better price. According to a Consumer Reports survey, 90% of customers who asked for a deal on bundled services got one, saving up to $50 per month! Improve your chances by calling during customer service’s non-peak hours and keeping a friendly tone.

Tip: Add about 20% more phone minutes or data allowance than you think you need.

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