5 epost features moms love
Keep track of and pay your bills easily, without the hassle

Keep track of and pay your bills easily, without the hassle

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Canada Post in Living

Juggling work, childcare, and your household is enough to keep any parent busy! The last thing you want to worry about is chasing down your bill statements to make sure everything is paid on time. Five moms took the time to explore and try out epost™, our electronic bill payment system. Here are 5 of the features that they loved the most and what they said about them.

Learn how epost can help you stay organized, pay your bills on time and without the headache!

Convenient and easy to use

Add a bill or statement in three easy steps – in just minutes, you’ll be able to add bills and statements to your epost account and avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple websites’ username and passwords.

What Mom said: “I love how fast and easy it was for me to set up my ePost Digital mailbox!”- Canadianbloghouse.com

Keep track of your bills in one place

Over 100 companies, referred to as “Mailers” from all across Canada, can send you bills through the epost digital mailbox.

What Mom said: “I love that less invoices means that fewer trees are cut down to make paper”- jenandjoeygogreen.com

Email and text alerts help you stay organized

Timely alerts by email and text – epost allows you to set up reminders to help with payment scheduled. You can select the delivery method you’d prefer (e-mail or phone).

What Mom said: “I love the idea of storing all of my bills in one central location – especially since I’m more likely to pay them on time if the notification is dropped right into my inbox” – listentolena.com

Security you can trust

Epost is the only company integrated into online banking websites of all 7 major banks. All data resides in Canada. No data is replicated across the border or subject to foreign policy laws. Your files are encrypted when you upload and download them.

What Mom said: “ePost is the only company integrated into the online banking websites of all 6 major banks, now if they can trust them why can’t I?” – soberjulie.com

Document storage for peace of mind

Manage your documents – your bills and statements will be stored within your digital mailbox for up to 7 years. The Canada Revenue Agency recommends keeping any supporting documents for 6 years. epost houses your documentation to support your claims in case you are selected for review.

What Mom said: “The best part is that they can be stored for up to seven years which gives me great peace of mind.”- frugalmomeh.com

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Have you tried epost? What are your favourite features? Share your tips for keeping your bills and personal documents organized in the comments.

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