How to take — and share — the perfect selfie!

Posted on Aug. 12, 2014 by Canada Post in Living

There’s a selfie for almost every occasion: your first born, your first house, a new haircut, even a new car! Learn how to take (and share!) the perfect selfie, including tips on lighting, location, posing and photo editing.

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Let’s get started on taking the perfect selfie.

Look for great lighting

Take your picture in natural light, outdoors or next to a window. This will give you the best lighting. Make sure the sun is in front of you or overhead so that your face is well lit (and try not to squint!).

Choose your location

Your location frames your photo and tells the story. Take a test shot to see how you like the angle before you put yourself in the photo! If you are somewhere public, keep in mind other people’s privacy. Outdoor greenery or well-lit neutral indoor backgrounds are always good bets.

Think of the perfect location like a summer vacation at the cottage, travelling abroad, or even a sporting occasion like a football game or marathon. Tell a story with the location of your selfie!

Tips for posing

If it can bend, bend it! Keep your arms and legs relaxed — stiff arms and legs look unnatural. Try putting one hand on your hip, or facing the camera on an angle. If you can, tilt the camera towards you so the focus is on your face, or the main subject of the picture. Keep your facial expression natural, but don’t be shy about showing your playful side!

Experiment with filters

Most cell phones have filters you can apply to your pictures to make them more appealing. Sometimes, filters can even help reduce the appearance of blemishes or shadows. Try applying a black and white look, or other colours to see the various effects.

Create a keepsake

Now that you’ve taken the perfect selfie, it’s time to share it. Pick your favourite selfies and turn them into postcards, greeting cards or stamps using our Picture Postage service.

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