Cutting clutter for a worry-free move

Posted on Aug. 14, 2014 by Canada Post in smartmoves

Moving can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. But did you know that simplifying your life now can lead to a simplified move later? Learn how reducing clutter and planning ahead can help streamline your move. Here are 5 tips to help take the chaos out of moving.

Reduce your stuff

About 6-8 weeks before your move, start reducing your ‘stuff.’ Walk around your house and make note of anything you no longer use. Decide if you should sell it, donate it or put it in storage. Make sure to check your garage, basement and any storage spaces you have, too. This includes your pantry! Try to avoid buying dry or canned goods about a month before you move. You don’t need the extra expense of packing food.

Put away non-essentials

Now that you are free of clutter, start putting away your non-essentials. Do you have seasonal items that you won’t use until next year? Think of your sports equipment, outdoor tools, gardening supplies, even holiday baking items, decorations or winter tires. Put these items in storage before you even begin packing for your move.

Make a plan

So, your house is clutter free and your non-essentials are in storage. Now it’s time to start planning your move! Draw a floor plan of your house, and list all the big items than need special care (like your oven and washer and dryer). Walk through each room and estimate how many boxes and containers you’ll need. Make a list of any utilities or services you will need to cancel or re-direct to your new address.

Give yourself some wiggle room

Make sure your moving day is at least 2 weeks before the day you need to be out of your home. You’ll appreciate the extra time if you have to book different moving services, make multiple trips, or if the weather doesn’t cooperate. And while you’re planning to give yourself more time, try to be flexible with your budget, too. Just like a renovation, moving can have unexpected expenses. Things can break, new supplies may need to be purchased, and emergencies can happen. Try to keep some extra funds on hand, just in case.

Pack like a traveller

Have you ever taken a long trip? What essentials did you pack to make your vacation worry-free? Think like a traveller and pack several days’ worth of supplies, clothing and essentials in suitcases, as if you were going on a trip. It takes time to unpack all your boxes and it might be hard to find what you need right away. Carry enough with you to get you through the first week while you unpack — you’ll reduce your stress significantly!

Are you planning to move soon? How will you organize your move? Do you have any tips for us? Leave us a comment below.