How to send holiday cookies in the mail

Posted on Nov. 12, 2014 by Canada Post in smartmoves

Nothing’s sweeter than sending a batch of homemade cookies to a distant friend or family member. Some extra care will make sure those cookies don’t crumble by the time they arrive. Here are some great tips on choosing the best cookies to send and on shipping them.

Choose the right kind of cookie to send

To keep cookies fresh (and in one piece) avoid sending soft, buttery or moist cookies. Here are some sturdy cookie types that ship well.

  • Slightly chewy texture: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle and white chocolate-cranberry
  • Chewy and moist texture: macaroons and pignoli (the texture improves during shipping)
  • Hard texture: biscotti and shortbread

Plan to mail the cookies as soon as they are baked to keep them as fresh as possible. Another baker’s trick is to freeze the freshly baked cookies in freezer bags. This gives you a few more hours of cookie freshness as they thaw.

Package the cookies in an airtight container

Pack cookies individually. Cushion each cookie by wrapping them individually or in pairs (with the flat bottoms together). Wrap them in foil, wax paper or plastic wrap and then place them in self-sealing plastic bags. Don’t mix crisp cookies with softer, chewy cookies. The crisp cookies will become soggy.

Gift wrap the inner box. Once you’ve nestled the cookies inside their container, seal it with tape and tie it tightly with your favorite gift wrap and ribbon.

Ship the cookies

Place the container in a heavyweight cardboard shipping box. If the container doesn’t fit snugly into the box, then add more bubble wrap, foam peanuts or crumpled paper. Lightly shake the box once you’ve filled it with stuffing to make sure the cookies aren’t bouncing around. Here are some helpful tips on how to wrap your box of cookies for shipping.

If you want to consider a faster shipping method, we can help you with that, too. For convenient pickup and drop-off, you can find your nearest Post Office here.

Do you have a special tip for mailing cookies? Please share it with us and help other holiday bakers package and present the best cookies and treats to their loved ones.