New home? Don’t hang up on your landline phone service just yet!

Posted on Dec. 17, 2014 by Canada Post in smartmoves

In this age of smartphones and Skype, is it worth it to keep your landline? Here are some pros and cons to consider when you move to your new home.

Why you should keep your landline

Emergency situations

The 911 operators can immediately pinpoint your location when you call from a landline. Cell phones can only provide an approximate location (triangulated between 3 cell phone towers).

Landlines are always “turned on”, and everyone knows how to use them. In an emergency situation children and elderly family members can be assured that they can easily call for help.

Access for all family members

Not all family members have access to a smart phone. Younger children and some elderly family members still need access to the landline. Also, sometimes habits are hard to break. There are plenty of people who don’t want to part with their phone number that they’ve had for decades.

Convenience of multiple phones

Odds are if you have a landline phone, you have them in your kitchen, bedroom, the living room, and the office. Cell phones are frequently misplaced. With a landline, there’s no need to dig through seat cushions, or miss an important call, because you accidentally left your cell phone on mute.

In case of large scale disasters

If you’ve experienced an ice storm or a hurricane, you know that cell towers can get jammed with traffic. Landlines are less likely to be busy when you’re trying to reach loved ones in emergency situations.

If you live in a rural location

You can expect to have consistent, clear service from a landline instead of dropped calls or bad reception due to a poor wireless signal.

Ditch the landline for your smartphone

If you are moving out on your own for the first time, it’s almost a no-brainer. Of course you don’t want a landline. For as long as you can remember your life has revolved around your smartphone - for staying in touch with friends, for connecting with social media, and for entertainment.

  • Save monthly costs by using your smartphone
    Landlines can cost over $40/month ($450+/year) – on top of your cell phone charges.
  • Avoid irritating robo calls
    Most robo calls and telemarketer phone calls are made to landlines.
  • Stop wasting your money on a service you never use
  • If you find that you’re just not using the landline, it’s more cost effective to stick with your smartphone.

Have you ditched your landline? Did you regret it? Let us know in the comments below if you think a landline is still worth the expense?