Buy online to make back-to-school shopping easier

Posted on Aug. 12, 2015 by Canada Post in Living

Back-to-school shopping is big business. From books and pencils to bags and clothes, laptops and tablets, there's a whole lot of buying going on. Every summer, families across Canada now spend around $400 to $500 per child, according to the market research firm Pollara.

To simplify your back-to-school shopping, join up with the third of all shoppers who buy online. You’ll avoid long lines, looking high and low for hard-to-find items, and inconvenient store hours. You can shop anytime and anywhere, whether you’re sitting in front of your home computer or on the go with a mobile device.

Before classes start again this September, make your back-to-school shopping even easier and sign up for FlexDelivery. It's a free service that sends your online purchases to the post office of your choice. No more missed deliveries while you're at work or out on an errand. With FlexDelivery, you get an email message when your packages arrive, so you can collect them almost anywhere. Choose a post office near your work, next to your gym, or anywhere else that's convenient.

This year, shopping online can simplify your search for the latest must-haves on your kids’ back-to-school list. Find the latest 'cool' styles and accessories that aren’t always in stock at every store. Save yourself the hassle of searching for the perfect backpack or special pair of shoes and find them within minutes online. Your kids will be happy to get what they want, and you'll be happy you didn't have to battle crowds all over town to find it for them.

Looking for generic back-to-school supplies that you have to get every year? Those binders, notebooks and pens can arrive without hassle. Set up an annual order with an e-commerce retailer and you'll never have to think about them again until they're delivered to the location of your choice. You'll get all the crayons and calculators you need to get your young scholars ready for another year of learning.

When you want to research an item before you buy it, shopping online is the best way to go. You’ll find valuable information on independent consumer review sites, plus many e-commerce retailers also encourage shoppers to review their products and leave their opinions on their sites. Need a reliable printer for those precious projects and essays? You can research the choices online and simply buy the item straight away, all without ever having to visit a store.

Sign up on our website and use FlexDelivery to have your school packages sent conveniently to a chosen post office location. Once you’ve selected your preferred post office, you’ll be provided with a unique FlexDelivery address that you can use when shopping online, rather than your usual mailing address. You’ll be notified by email whenever a package arrives and will have 15 calendar days to pick it up at the post office you’ve selected. You’ll need to show government issued ID when you collect your item.

What are some of the must-have BTS products for your children this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.