Lighten your load with FlexDelivery on your summer trip

Posted on Aug. 17, 2015 by Canada Post in Living

This summer, sign up for Canada Post’s FlexDeliveryTM service to make your holiday travel easier – no matter what type of vacation you’re taking. We'll make sure your packages arrive safely and are held securely at the post office most convenient for you.

To use FlexDelivery, sign up for an account on our website. You'll receive a unique PO Box number, and can add as many different post office locations as you like, whether they're around the corner or all the way across Canada. You'll be notified by email whenever a package arrives, and will have 15 calendar days to pick it up at the post office you've selected. You'll need to show government issued ID when you collect your item.

Once you're signed up, use FlexDelivery to help with your travel plans this summer. Depending on where you're heading, or what you'll be doing, there are plenty of ways you might use it.

For example, summer is a great time to take a bike trip through the beautiful Canadian Rockies. But if you're going to be pedaling up long mountain passes, you don't want to be weighed down by bags of energy bars and specialty gels. Save space in your saddle bags by sending your special gear and food to a convenient post office along your route and pick it up when you ride into town. You might even include a fresh cycling shirt!

Family road trips are a great way to check out Canada, and there's no end of places to visit in every province and territory. With all the attractions along the way, you might be tempted to pick up a memento here and there. But even if your car is crammed, you don't have to leave anything behind. Send your souvenirs safely home to a post office in your neighbourhood, and they'll be looked after in a secure environment while you enjoy the scenic route home.

Heading halfway across Canada to visit friends or family this summer? In our big country, some of us wind up pretty far apart. But no matter the distance, it's great to reconnect and get together again. This year, maybe there's an item you'd like to bring along as a gift, but don't want to stuff in your luggage. With FlexDelivery, you can keep the gift a surprise by sending it to a post office nearby, whether you're visiting your old pal's place in Montreal or staying with your sister in Saskatoon.

This summer, use free FlexDelivery for secure, convenient service at more than 6,000 Canada Post locations across the country. And wherever you’re travelling, have a safe, fun holiday!