How to make your bedroom closet feel bigger more organized

Posted on Sept. 21, 2015 by in smartmoves

How to make your bedroom closet feel bigger and more organized

Is your bedroom closet a bit of a catastrophe? Does finding an outfit every day feel like a chore? If you want a better bedroom closet, follow these steps to clean out the clutter and organize your room into an oasis of clothing calm.

Even if you're not a serial shopaholic, it can be easy to end up with a bedroom closet that's bursting at the seams. The room is too stuffed with clothes and accessories to be truly useful. While it might seem like a daunting task to figure it all out, improving your closet doesn't have to be hard. It's a combination of eliminating unnecessary items, rotating your seasonal clothes, and making the most of the available space.

Step 1: Purge the clothes you don’t wear

For many, this is the most traumatic step of the process: ridding yourself of the stuff that never gets used or worn. The best thing to do is take everything out of your closet and put it into one of 4 piles: keep, store, donate/sell, and trash. If you want your closet reorganization to be a success, it pays to push sentimentality aside and be ruthless about what you plan to hold on to. Use the 20 second rule when considering an item's worth: if you spend more than 20 seconds trying to decide whether to keep an item, you probably don't need it. If there's something you're struggling with, consider giving it to a friend or family member – you'll feel better knowing someone you care about is making use of the item.

After you've decided what's staying and what's going, you'll need some kind of maintenance tactic to keep the clutter from coming back.


  • Limit purchases to 5 new items each season (spring/summer and fall/winter) to prevent your wardrobe from growing too quickly
  • Use a one-in, one-out strategy, subtracting one item for every new addition
  • Turn all your hangers around from the direction you normally use. Each time you wear an item, put it back the normal way. Check back after 6 months and you'll easily be able to see which items haven't been worn and should be destined for the donation bin.

Step 2: Sort out seasonal items

When organizing your clothes, think of your closet like it's the rack at your favourite clothing store. Just as shorts, sandals and tank tops won't get much wear in the winter, you aren't likely to be searching for wool sweaters in the hot summer months. Put seasonal clothes, shoes and bags in storage when you're not wearing or using them. It's like rotating merchandise in a shop window, and it'll leave you with valuable extra space.

Step 3: Upgrade your hangers

Are you hanging on to a bunch of old wire hangers from your local dry cleaners? If you care about your clothes, you'll hang them on something better, because those wire ones may leave your clothes with dents and marks over time. Invest in a set of matching hangers, preferably wood or plastic, and you'll improve the look of your closet while treating your clothes better, too.

Step 4: Group similar items together

Make it easier to find outfits by grouping things together as you return them to the closet. In this exercise, treat your closet like a filing cabinet. Whether you choose to sort by colour, style or occasion, you'll end up with a streamlined system that should make it a snap to find every item. If you're super organized, you can use colour-coded hangers for each set, say blue for work clothes, red for weekend-wear and black for formal.

Step 5: Make the most of your space

As you return items to the closet, think about how you access them and whether you'd benefit by rearranging the layout. Consider adding an extra rod for hanging items, a rack for shoes, hooks for ties and bags, or perhaps some new shelves. For high places that are hard to reach, get a stylish stool or, better yet, a storage bin you can stand on to access the upper levels. If the stuff on each side of your closet is blocked by sliding doors, improve access by changing the hardware so the doors open outwards. If that's too complicated, or if space is an issue, consider using a curtain instead. Finally, make everything easier to see by adding some lighting. Battery powered LEDs are affordable and make it easy to brighten up your bedroom closet without having to add new wiring.

Got any tips for improving your closet experience? Share them with us.