Write to Santa and he'll write you back!

Posted on Nov. 05, 2015 by Canada Post in Living

Remember the magic of cutting out magazine pictures of toys you hoped for, telling Santa your secrets, and the joy of dropping your carefully crafted letter in the mail? It’s time to share that tradition with your kids!

Time to put pen (or crayon, pencil or magic marker!) to paper and write to Santa! Imagine the delight your children will experience when a reply from the North Pole arrives in your mailbox.

Start (or continue) a magical holiday tradition—sit down with your family and write a story, make a collage or a craft or just share some news… Santa loves to hear all your updates! Best of all, your kids will get a reply from the big man himself!

Santa gets loads of mail, but did you know?

  • Every year Santa gets over 1.5 million letters from children all over the world!
  • Santa’s post office gets lots of help from special postal elves.
  • Santa receives letters in all shapes, sizes and in over 30 languages including Braille – and he answers them all in the language they are written.

Letter to Santa

It’s easy to write to Santa! Here’s how:

  • Number one rule: Please include your address so Santa can write back!
  • Teachers: send your letters before December 4 so you can get a reply by Christmas, put all your class letters together in one large envelope with your school address, a printed class list, and teacher’s checklist
  • Parents: send your letters before December 16 so you can get a reply by Christmas
  • Letters to Santa are free of charge — you don’t need postage to send or receive a reply
  • Address your letters to:
    Santa Claus
    North Pole H0H 0H0

Letter to Santa

Don’t wait! Send your letter soon!

December is a busy snowstorm of letters and toys at the North Pole and the North Pole Post Office is especially busy! Send your letter as soon as you can.

Santa and his postal elves read every letter they get and they reply to everyone.

Write to Santa today and let the jolly old fellow know your family is ready to celebrate the holiday season! Learn more