5 design hacks to create a home entryway with pizzazz

Posted on Nov. 16, 2015 by Canada Post in smartmoves

Turn your front entrance way from drab to fabulous. With just a few small touches, you can create an inviting space that welcomes guests and makes a personal statement about your personal décor and style.

Make the most of a statement wall

Have a long hallway in your entrance? Perhaps a large wall that accompanies stairs to your second level? Treat them like an opportunity for style. Create a statement wall with a few easy tips. Try a gallery wall – a mix of favorite photos and artwork in differently shaped frames, all the same colour for unity. Try vintage prints from old catalogues, newspapers, magazines, or even samples of stylishly framed wallpaper.

Is your entryway looking for some sparkle? Brighten it with a selection of ornamental framed mirrors on a light coloured wall, or for drama, mount the mirrors on a dark wall.

Find unique storage solutions

You’ll always need a spot for shoes, accessories, hats, mitts, and outerwear. Make your entryway both stylish and functional with quirky storage solutions. An antique trunk offers storage and seating, while wicker baskets are easy and affordable.

Don’t forget a place to hang your jackets and sweaters! Ward off clutter with statement hooks to hang outerwear. Antique doorknobs, varnished tree branches, and horseshoes are all quirky items that function as décor and a place to hang items.

Side tables for convenience and appeal

A small side table in your entry way is a great focal point that’s also practical. For something unique and rustic in a large entryway, you could use two workhorses with a narrow plank joining them. Or, a wooden crate tilted upwards with attractive containers on top for keys and electronics. Your side table is a great place for seasonal décor – try dried flowers or river stones, or mementos from a walk outside and change them to coordinate with each season. 

Choose your wall colour carefully

The colour of your walls in your entryway will change the feel of your place. For a light and airy effect, go for lightly coloured walls. Have you done renovations lately? For a rustic effect, older wood paneling or exposed brick create a lived-in earthy charm. For a bold effect, define your space with a dark wall colour and pair it with lighter coloured accessories and furniture.

Take your flooring into consideration

Your front entryway is a high traffic area, and is often exposed to the elements – muddy sneakers, snowy boots, and sandy flip-flops. It has to be strong enough to take a bit of a beating. Protect your floors and add a splash of colour and texture with a front entry mat or runner that draws guests into your home. Select something made from durable material such as jute. It doesn’t need to run the whole length of your hallway, make sure you can open your front door freely.

Do you have a unique front entry way to welcome guests? Share your design and décor tips in the comments below: