Spa-inspired bedroom design guide

Posted on Feb. 11, 2016 by CPO in smartmoves

It’s always nice to have an oasis where we can go to escape life’s many pressures. Some choose spas as a place to soothe the spirit and let stress slip away. But rather than leaving the house to find relief, why not create the perfect getaway within the walls of your own bedroom?

If you want to add the relaxing, rejuvenating touches of a luxury spa to your bedroom, here are some of the things that will help turn it into a tranquil paradise. Staycations will never be the same again!

Get the lighting right

Lighting is an important element in any room, but when setting up the perfect place for rest and refuge, you'll want the ability to create variable conditions. Ideally, you'll have large windows to let the warming rays of the sun stream in. On grey days, or in the evenings, you'll need lamps and fixtures, too. Steer clear of the cold, sterile glow and annoying buzz of fluorescent tubes. Two far better choices are recessed pot lights or poseable spotlights, ideally with a dimmer switch that lets you dial down the brightness to your preferred level. Add lamps to bedside tables and dressers, and consider flexible reading lamps to use when unwinding with a book or magazine.

Bonus tip – add light and create the illusion of additional space by installing an oversized, full-length mirror.


Another way to add soothing, romantic light to your bedroom retreat is with candles. Try to use beeswax candles, which are more natural and healthier than those made from paraffin wax. Add a dose of aromatherapy to the equation by burning scented candles – lavender is a good choice if you want to unwind, but any scent you like will do the trick. And on the subject of scents, burning incense in your bedroom is another great way to generate a spa-like sense of blissful serenity.

Choose calming colours

Neutral colours, such as grey, beige and white, are often considered the best choices for bedrooms because they're soothing and restful, but you don't have to be bland. If you prefer something more bright and cheerful, choose a hue from the world of nature, such as sky blue or moss green.

Spoil yourself with super sheets

There's a good reason the beds in high-end hotels and fancy spas always feel so nice: they don't skimp on quality linens. If you can afford it, indulge yourself and splurge on Egyptian cotton or sheets with a thread count of 200 or higher. Bamboo or silk sheet sets are also a terrific treat. Your skin will thank you every time you lie down in sheets of supreme softness. While you're at it, get a cozy duvet and pick up some extra pillows so you've never short of comfy cushioning.

Bonus tip –-adding a headboard will make your bed look even more impressive and inviting.

Natural touches

It's often easier to unwind and feel free when you have the sensation of being surrounded by nature. From stone and wood to plants, flowers and water fountains, there are many touches you can use to strengthen the bond you feel to the natural world while spending time in your indoor bedroom sanctuary. The sound of trickling water is a soothing noise for many people, while the look and feel of smooth stone and natural, unpainted wood can also be calming.

Add some amazing artwork

Whether it's photos of beautiful natural settings, paintings of pristine landscapes or portraits of a few of your favourite people, there's no end to the ways you can dress up your walls. Pick something inspiring and uplifting but don't go overboard – you don't want to make the room too busy.

Ditch the distractions

Finally, make an effort to clean up all the clutter from your new personal paradise. While you're at it, hide the TV inside an armoire or move it to another room entirely. If space permits, eliminate any other electronics such as computers – you won't want to be distracted by work while pursuing inner peace.

Have you turned your bedroom into a spa-inspired oasis of calm? Tell us how you did it.