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Use our online direct mail tool Snap Admail and apply promo code Snap200 to get $200 off your first order.

*$200 credit is available only on your first order of at least $1,000, at time of purchase. Promotion expires May 31, 2017

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Find customers for
your small business

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Enter up to 24 numbers, separated by commas
Enter up to 24 tracking numbers, separated by commas
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Quickly calculate the cost of postage to send parcels, letters or documents across Canada, to the U.S. or around the world. Our online tool makes it easy.

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Print shipping labels and prepare mailings for your business with EST Online and Express Order Entry.

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Get all the information and answers you need about Canada Post products and services. Browse common support questions, create a service ticket to report a problem or contact us through social media or by phone.

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Join millions of philatelists (or stamp collectors) in collecting, displaying and enjoying Canadian stamps. We take pride in producing beautiful and collectible stamps and have a wealth of information for collectors.

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Manage all your bills online in one secure place with epost™. The service is easy to use, offers bank-grade security and lets you store your bills for up to 7 years. Sign up today – there are more than 100 billers to choose from.

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