Accessibility at Canada Post

We recognize that Canadians, as well as individuals around the world, are interacting with us in different ways. We’re working to make sure this interaction is accessible to all of our customers.

Website and digital products

Our digital team uses the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and its recent updates in WCAG 2.1 to inform our web experience.

Using our website on different devices

While our website can be interacted with on all devices, we can’t guarantee that older models of devices have been incorporated in to our most recent testing rounds. Our website has been tested for compatibility on the following browsers and devices:

  • Chrome for PC, Mac, Android and Apple
  • Safari for Mac and Apple mobile devices
  • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge for PC and Windows tablets

View other compatible browsers and plug-ins

Tools that have yet to be updated

We’ve put together a list of web applications that require updates in order to meet Level A compliance.

  • Shipping Tools: EST Online, Express Order Entry, Desktop)*
  • Native Mobile App*
  • Shop (estore)*
  • Postal Guide and Product Guide*
  • epost Connect
  • Partner Portal
  • Developer Program
  • Estimate duties and taxes
  • Find a Harmonized sales code
  • Find a deposit location
  • Find a delivery standard
  • View special requirements
  • Determine parcel pickup availability
  • Snap Admail™
  • Machineable Mail Advisor
  • Business Reply Mail™ artwork
  • Business Reply Mail™ reporting
  • Find a direct mail partner

Documents, videos and external websites

  • PDFs and digital documents
    We’re updating our PDF documents to make them more accessible. Contact us if you have any difficulty with an online form and we’ll try to provide an alternate method of completion.
  • Video content
    All of our videos are uploaded on YouTube, offering all the accessibility features available on YouTube. All of our videos include closed captioning.
  • Third-party websites
    While we can’t control the digital presence of our partners, we do encourage these vendors to create accessible online experiences.

Mobile app

The Canada Post mobile app is available for download on all Apple and Android devices. In 2019, it will be undergoing an audit by a third-party to assess its present accessibility. Based on these results, our digital team will be trained to identify and implement additional accessible processes within the app.

Please share your comments and suggestions about the accessibility of our mobile app using the following channels:

  • Submit feedback directly in the app. Access the feedback page through settings.
  • Send the mobile team an email at

Feedback and customer support

We offer a few different ways to get in touch with our support team to get assistance. Customers can also provide feedback on accessibility of our products and services.

Live chat


We have representatives available to support customers via online chat 7 days a week. Improvements to increase the accessibility of our chat are being introduced in 2019.

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We can provide customer assistance in English or French over the phone. We also offer a TTY phone number for customers with compatible devices at home.

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