Cannabis promotion

With the passing of the Cannabis Act, the promotion of cannabis in Canada will be legal under the following guidelines.

Who can promote

A licensed seller can inform about or promote their business or product, provided they follow the specifications outlined in the Cannabis Act and the acceptable distribution services. A person or organization that’s authorized to produce, sell or distribute cannabis in Canada qualifies as a licensed seller.

Advertising with Direct Mail

We offer 3 ways for licensed sellers to promote their cannabis products: LettermailTM, Canada Post Personalized MailTM and Publications MailTM.

Promotional material must be:

  • Addressed to a specific individual (including a name)
  • Sealed in an envelope/self-mailer
  • Without branding, graphics or text on the outside of the item that identifies its content

Promotional material can’t contain:

  • Cannabis samples
  • Cannabis scented paper, ink or sealing adhesive

For more information on non-mailable matter, go to in the Designing guides or and refer to the non-mailable chapter of the Postal Guide.