How to make changes to your Mail Forwarding or Hold Mail service


All passwords created before August 24, 2019 for Mail Forwarding or Hold Mail cannot be used to sign in to these services due to a system update.

You can now access and manage your mail services all in one place from your Canada Post account.

You can make changes to your service online through your Canada Post account dashboard, or at the nearest post office.

1. Create or log into your account.
2. On the top right corner of the screen, navigate to your account name and select “Dashboard”.

Extend, change, or cancel your service online

1. After selecting the dashboard, navigate to “Mail Forwarding” or “Hold Mail”, and select “View all orders”.

2. Select “View details” of the order you wish to change.
3. At the bottom of the “Transaction History” list, select “Extend” or “Cancel Service”.

Go to Dashboard

Notice: Any transactions done online before August 24th need to be linked to your online account, and all transactions done at retail at any timeframe need to be linked.

  • 1. Create or log into your account.
  • 2. Navigate to the dashboard, and select “View all orders” for Mail Forwarding or Hold Mail.
  • 3. Enter these order details:
    • a. Reference number
    • b. Postal code for the origin address
    • c. Email address on the order

Connect my account

Make service changes at the post office

Go to any post office location convenient to you with these items:

  • Reference number of the service. Find this on your receipt, expiry notice letter or original email confirmation
  • Government-issued photo identification

If you can’t locate your reference number, you will need to provide additional information that is associated with the service along with your government-issued photo ID:

  • Last name
  • Original or new postal code
  • Telephone number

Find a post office