Frequently asked questions about the Canada Post Community Foundation

Applications from registered charities, school programs or community organizations are invited annually to apply for funding for projects consistent with the Foundation’s objective to provide support for initiatives that benefit children.

Timelines and process

Who can apply for funding?

To be eligible for funding from the Canada Post Community Foundation, your organization must:

  • be a registered charity with a Canadian Charitable Registration Number OR a registered non-profit organization with a valid B/N business registration number OR a school (as defined by the education act in each province) OR an unregistered community organization OR a community library OR a registered Canadian amateur athletic association
  • have a volunteer board of directors/organizing committee (this does not apply to schools and community libraries). Paid employees can be used to deliver programming but the board of directors must be made up of unpaid positions; payment for expenses incurred by the directors is acceptable.
  • have a detailed plan for the project being submitted (except for Signature Grant applications)
  • have a budget for the project being submitted (except for Signature Grant applications)
  • have:
    • independent audited financial statements in the case of all Signature Grant applications
    • at a minimum, a Review Engagement Report for grant applications from $15,001 to $25,000
    • at a minimum, a Notice to Reader – Compilation Engagement for grant applications from $5,001 to $15,000
    • the organization’s financial statement/plan for the current year at a minimum for grant applications of up to $5,000.

NOTE: If you don’t provide the correct financial documentation according to the grant amount you are requesting, your application will automatically be declined. Audited financial statements, Review Engagement Reports and Notices to Reader/Compilation Engagement reports are independent, professional exams of an organization’s financial records, conducted by an accounting professional and using a common set of standards and reviews.

When will the foundation accept applications for the 2020 funding round?

Applications open on Monday, March 9 and close at noon (Ottawa time) on Thursday, May 28, 2020. We will accept applications during this period only, via our online system. No extensions will be granted.

When will our organization be notified of the outcome of our application?

We will notify all organizations by October 2020. In light of the large number of applications we receive, we are unable to provide individual feedback or application support.

What should we do if our organization’s circumstances or funding situation changes – for example if we secure funding from another source for the same activity as we have applied for?

The application you submit initially will be treated as your organization’s final application. No further applications or additional information will be accepted.

Funding recommendations

How much money may I apply for?

Up to 3 Signature Grants of $50,000 each could be awarded.

Project funding from the Foundation will not exceed $25,000 per grant.

Grants to schools, school/parent organizations, daycares, sports teams and all recreation facility initiatives (pools, ice rinks, skateboard parks, etc.) will not exceed $5,000 each. Grants to unregistered organizations will not exceed $5,000 each.

What amount of funding is available in 2020?

The Canada Post Community Foundation has $1.18 million available to grant in the 2020 grant cycle.

Our organization has many funding needs. What should we apply for?

Signature Grant and project grant applications must align with the Foundation’s focus on community-based, front-line activities that benefit children.

The application should demonstrate that a need will be met and that there is little or no duplication or competition with existing services; in other words, the project should either be unique or complementary.

Projects must have a realistic plan, with resources, including any other funding sources, being commensurate with objectives.

Projects must involve capacity-building or the creation or expansion of services, rather than the maintenance of existing services. Expansion may include augmentation of a service, addition of a service or inclusion of a new geographic territory. Capacity-building activities could also include hiring and/or training staff; or covering costs directly related to the delivery of a program, such as mileage, facilities rental, communications activities; or the purchase, construction or addition of new equipment or facilities.

Finally, a project’s expected outcome should address community needs and be measurable.

Can my organization apply for general funding?

National organizations seeking general funding may apply for Signature Grants. However, organizations seeking general funding through project grant applications are deemed ineligible.

Signature Grant applicants should demonstrate a proven track record of delivering successful programing that improves the community or individual circumstances for children and youth at a national level.

How much should our organization apply for?

Consider the following when determining the amount you apply for:

  • The type of organization you are
  • The financial documentation you have
  • The amount required for your organization’s activity
What are my organization’s chances of receiving funding?

In 2019 we received over 1,500 applications, totalling over $21 million in funding, of which 118 projects were funded, totalling almost $1.1 million in funding.

I have been unsuccessful in the past; should I apply again?

Yes. Last year’s evaluation does not carry over to this review year. All submissions will be newly evaluated.

My organization received funding last year. Can we apply for another grant this year?

Yes, provided your organization has started its previous project and that the request is for a different project.

Application form

Can we submit multiple applications if we operate nationally?

Organizations may submit a maximum of 3 applications. Any additional applications will be ineligible. The Foundation will not fund more than 1 project per applicant during any given grant cycle. Signature Grant applicants may also apply for up to 2 project grants in the same grant cycle.

Recipients of a 2018 Signature Grant aren’t eligible to apply for a Canada Post Community Foundation Signature Grant in the 2020 granting cycle. However, they may continue to apply for project grants.

What do I do if my organization doesn’t fall under one of the sectors listed in the application form?

Please choose the sector that’s most closely related to your organization. Your answers to the other questions in the application will provide us with the required information.

Can my organization secure multi-year funding?

Multi-year funding is not available.

What happens if I make an error in the application form that has already been submitted?

The application you submit will be treated as your organization’s final application and no further applications or additional information will be accepted. If key fields are missing or blank in the application form, your organization may be ineligible for funding. It is critical to ensure the application has been correctly completed before it is submitted.

Will I still be eligible for funding if my accounts are not audited?

Depending on the grant amount you are requesting, yes. Learn more here. Be sure to attach the appropriate financial documents to match the grant amount requested in your application. If you don’t supply the correct financial documentation, your application will automatically be disqualified.

My application was refused because I didn’t have the correct financials. We’re a small group and are not in a position to have our financials audited.

The Foundation recognizes that many smaller organizations can’t afford to have their financial affairs audited regularly. The Foundation has a responsibility to the customers and employees who donate the funds that contribute to the Foundation grants to ensure there is proper due diligence and review given to both the project and the organizations that apply for funding.

When we developed the funding criteria for the Foundation, we provided a tiered approach to the grant requests and supporting financials required. Grants of up to $5,000 require only a minimal amount of financial documentation (project budget and financial statement for the current year). Grants in higher amounts require increasing financial review documentation, up to independent audited financial statements for Signature Grant rant requests. We believe this approach is fair and provides granting opportunities to the most organizations while still maintaining our commitment to Canadians who support us.

Your application asks us to list our directors and any affiliation they may have with the Canada Post Community Foundation. Is a relationship between our organization and the Canada Post Community Foundation a consideration during the review of our application?

No. Nevertheless, we would like to be made aware of any affiliation grant applicant board members may have to the Canada Post Community Foundation to ensure full transparency among our Board of Trustees when applications are reviewed. An affiliation between organizations applying for grants and a Foundation trustee is not given any consideration, either way, during the evaluation process.

Can I save a draft application and return later?

Yes. This form is equipped with an auto-save feature. For forms with more than one page, each time you navigate between pages, forward or back, your form responses are committed to a secure area within your browser’s local storage. You can close your browser and resume your progress automatically at any time simply by opening the form again. This information is only sent to our servers once you submit the form. Please note that in order to use this feature, you must be using the same device and same browser each time.

Can I print a copy of my application?

Yes. Once you have completed the form, you will be able to print a full copy before you submit the proposal.

Can I have access to my request once it has been submitted?

No. You will no longer be able to view or otherwise have access to your application once it is submitted.

How will I know the application has been submitted?

When you submit the application you will receive an automated email to your primary contacts’ account, indicating that the application has been submitted.

What should I do if I experience a technical difficulty with the application form?

If you have any technical difficulties, click "Need help?" in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will open a short form in which you can enter your name, telephone number and email address and a brief description of your problem. You will be contacted either by telephone or email within 1 business day.