Express Order Entry: Online shipping and mailing within Canada

Prepare paperwork, print address labels and pay online.

Express Order Entry is a free online shipping tool you can use to prepare shipments and mailings within Canada. It is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses with low to medium volume shipments and mailings, including Solutions for Small Business™ members.

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  • Ship from our website or host a customized version on your own secure intranet.
  • Prepare a small Neighbourhood Mail™(formerly Unaddressed Admail) campaign targeting a single delivery area.
  • Customize preferences to automatically complete certain fields.
  • Store and manage names in your address book.
  • Track your orders.
  • Ideal for returns and library mail.

Before you start

To use Express Order Entry you’ll need:

Tips for filling out the Express Order Entry form:

  1. When you reach the Shipment Information section, the *Document box is not mandatory.
    Tip 1
  2. When you reach the Service / Options section, the *Service Standard section is not mandatory.
    Tip 2
  3. When you reach the Payment Information section, the *Contract No is not mandatory.
    Tip 3
  4. When you reach the Preview Order section, here’s where to enter a Promo Code, and Calculate the cost.
    Tip 4

Technical requirements

To use Express Order Entry, you’ll need to meet the following technical requirements:

Internet connection High-speed
Operating system Windows XP
Windows 7
Browser Firefox 25
Chrome 31
Internet Explorer 8
Laser printer Ensure your printer is compatible with your operating system.

How to print forms and labels

Print your paperwork and labels on regular 8½ x 11-inch paper. Please note that thermal printing is not supported. Fold your label in half, put it into a self-adhesive pouch and apply it to the parcel. Buy adhesive pouches online

Request Express Order Entry for your intranet

You can host a customized version of Express Order Entry on your company intranet. To do so, you need a secure solution that requires users to sign in to your intranet to access the tool. Contact us to learn more about hosting the tool of your choice:

  • Parcel services within Canada. Contact us.
  • Neighbourhood Mail™. Contact us.
    Please note you will need an Neighbourhood Mail agreement. Learn more.

User guides for Express Order Entry

Read our detailed user guides for step-by-step instructions on how to use Express Order Entry.


Create shipping and mailing orders from start to finish

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