Hold Mail service – Terms and Conditions*

Read the terms and conditions which include the service delivery limitations and legal statements prior to purchasing the Hold Mail service.

Service Delivery Limitations

  • Canada Post cannot hold mail addressed to individuals who receive mail through an institution, such as a business, hotel, motel, rooming house, nursing home, hospital or school; a shared postal address (when the same address is used by more than two businesses), or privately administered mailboxes.
  • Parcels (for example, PriorityTM, XpresspostTM, XpresspostTM Certified, Expedited ParcelTM and Regular ParcelTM), including prepaid envelopes, may be delivered during the holding period. If you expect such deliveries, advise the sender to delay shipping until your return.
  • Holding the mail of all residents at an address, is not possible for customers receiving mail through a rural route address (an address that contains the R.R. indicator, followed by a number).
  1. Prices. The minimum residential price is based on a 10-weekday period, while the minimum business price is based on a five-weekday period (weekdays include statutory holidays). However, Hold Mail can be purchased for a shorter period. When holding mail addressed to individuals, the residential rate applies. The business rate applies when a business name is included. For more information on our prices, visit your post office or check current prices and payment terms.
  2. Mail recipients. All mail recipients must share the same original address. Applicable proof of authority to act on behalf of another may be required. Business requests can include a maximum of two business names and two individual names.
    Two service options are available for residential requests:
    • Hold the mail for some mail recipients – The first and last names of each individual, up to four, must be indicated.
    • Hold the mail for all mail recipients – Mail recipient information is not required.

    Note: This option can only be used if no resident at the address needs to receive mail during the Hold Mail period. Canada Post reserves the right to change the service option to “some residents” or cancel the service if mail delivery is impeded for other recipients at the address.

  3. Changes and cancellation. You can extend, modify† or cancel the service, at any time:
    • online, when you provide an email address at time of purchase;
    • at a post office, when you provide the original receipt, appropriate identification (e.g., government-issued photo ID) and proof of authorization, if applicable.

    No refunds are provided after the service starts. On the business day following the expiry or cancellation date, Canada Post will deliver the mail held for your address. Canada Post reserves the right to not hold mail and end the service at any time.

  4. Mail pickup during Hold Mail period. During the Hold Mail period, mail pickup is not available at any Canada Post location. To resume mail delivery to your address before the Hold Mail service expires, you must cancel the service.
  5. No liability. Canada Post and its agents (including, but not limited to authorized dealers) will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, general, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected to this agreement, regardless of whether such damages are based on contract or tort.
  6. Proof of identity. Appropriate identification is collected for several purposes:
    1. to prevent identity theft and other improper use of this service.
    2. to follow up an investigation for law enforcement or other legal purposes.
  7. Privacy. To discontinue Hold Mail related communications, visit canadapost.ca/holdmail-optout
    Canada Post is subject to the Privacy Act and takes appropriate steps to protect your personal information. For more information about our privacy practices, read our privacy notice.

* Canada Post reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the service at any time.
† The address cannot be changed after the service has started.