How can I extend my Mail Forwarding service for a longer duration?

To avoid service interruption you must extend your Mail Forwarding service before it expires. You can extend your service in 3 convenient ways.

  1. Online at This is the easiest way to renew! Simply provide your reference number and your old/new postal code to retrieve your existing service, choose a duration, and pay!
  2. Using self serve-tool. This option is available if you provided your email address at time of purchase. If you do not yet have a password, you can obtain one using the “Need a Password” option.
  3. At the post office by bringing your:
    • Service Reference Number found on your receipt, expiry notice card/letter or on your original email confirmation, AND
    • a government-issued photo ID so you can verify your identity.

If you can’t locate your reference number, please be ready to provide the following information, along with your government-issued photo ID:

  • your last name, AND
  • your original/current or new address postal code, AND
  • your daytime telephone number