Why hasn't my letter been delivered yet?

If you are waiting for a letter to arrive, please be aware that standard delivery times vary depending on distance.  Local mail typically takes 2 days, mail within the province requires 3 days, and mail sent nationally requires 5 days for delivery.

The quality of our mail delivery is very important to us.  We monitor our mail delivery regularly, and we are always working to improve our services and mail security.   

Please note that we can only investigate individual letters that have been assigned a tracking number.  For regular mail, your feedback helps us learn where to improve our delivery system.  Feedback will not receive a direct response. 

What you can do

Do you still need help?

If your letter is still not delivered, please use the form below to create a service ticket to report this problem and give us feedback.  Although we cannot investigate individual letters, we can use this information to help improve our operations.  Service tickets will not receive a direct response.

Still need help? Submit a service ticket.

Choose Business if you have a Canada Post customer account number.

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