Sending / General Information

Everything you need to know about sending or receiving a parcel COD (Collect on Delivery)

What is Collect on Delivery (COD)?

Collect on Delivery (or cash on delivery) is a Canada Post service. It allows the sender to collect up to $5,000 from the person receiving a delivery. You can use it on shipments sent within Canada.

We collect the payment on behalf of the sender before handing over the parcel, and send it securely to the shipper.

Rates and prices

The sender must pay the COD fee of $7.25 plus shipping fees (you can choose to recover your shipping costs in your COD amount).

Sending a COD parcel

You are allowed to send a parcel COD if the recipient has asked for the item.

1. You can buy a COD shipping option at a convenient post office along with one of our shipping nuservices: Priority™, Xpresspost™, Expedited Parcel™ or Regular Parcel™.

2. Specify the COD amount you want to collect. It can cover charges directly related to your item, including:

  • The shipped item’s value
  • Service charges (like repairs)
  • Sales tax
  • Postage
  • Your COD fee and other special service fees

3. Choose how you want the recipient to pay:

  • Cash (maximum $1,000)
  • Cheque (maximum $5,000)
  • Money order (maximum $5,000)
  • Certified cheque (maximum $5,000)

4. We collect payment from your recipient and send it to you by Xpresspost service (cash payments are converted to money orders).

Receiving a COD parcel

You’ll need to pay the amount the sender asked for before receiving your parcel.

  1. You can pay with:
    • Cash, up to $1,000. If the COD amount is more than $500, you’ll receive a card that allows you to pay for and collect the parcel at a nearby post office.
    • A cheque made out to the sender. You can even use a post-dated cheque as long as the sender has used a “post-dated cheques accepted” sticker on the package.
    • A money order or certified cheque made payable to the sender.
  2. Once you’ve paid, we’ll give you the parcel (and send your payment to the shipper).
  3. Track your payment’s progress back to the sender by using the parcel’s tracking number and selecting the “COD remittance number” in Track.

Refunds for COD items must be directly arranged with the sender, not Canada Post.

Changes to COD shipments

We have simplified the COD payment process. Effective Oct. 25, 2014, commercial customers will receive COD remittances electronically. If you are a VentureOne™ customer or do not have an electronic payment account set up with Canada Post, you will receive COD remittances by mail.

To facilitate this change, you will need to send all COD shipments to a post office by selecting the Card for Pickup or Deliver to Post Office options. If you do not specify, Card for Pickup will be selected by default.

Your recipients will pick up their items and pay the COD amount at the post office. We’ll then send the payment to you electronically (where applicable). You will no longer need to print remittance labels, record of delivery labels or to specify the method of payment for COD shipments.

Please note that the COD limit will be reduced to $5,000 from $25,000.

Longer install time needed for EST 2.0 updates.

For the October 2014 release, it may take longer than usual to install your updates to EST 2.0 due to the size of the update file.