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Receiving / Tracking

What does “Attempted delivery” mean in my track history?

We will leave a delivery notice card if we try to deliver a package but no one is available to accept it. The delivery notice card lets you know where and when you can pick up the package.  Note:

  • We can only make one delivery attempt.
  • We can’t forward packages to another location for pickup.
  • We will hold the package for 15 days before we return it to the sender. You'll get a final delivery notice card with your regular mail to remind you to pick up the package.

We will attempt to deliver packages directly to you, but in some situations we leave a delivery notice card instead:

  • If the package is marked as "card for pickup", meaning you or the sender has requested the package be picked up at a secure location.
  • If your residence is more than 500 m from your community mailbox, and the package does not fit in the parcel compartment of the community mailbox.

To pick up your package you will need:

  • Your delivery notice card.
  • Government-issued photo ID.

If you cannot pick up the package yourself, you can send a delegate, who will need to bring government-issued photo ID and one of the following:

  • The delivery notice card signed by you and indicating the name of the delegate authorized to pick up the package.
  • A letter of authorization or a legal document demonstrating their authority to act on your behalf.