I purchased the Mail Forwarding service but mail is still being delivered to my old address. What can I do?

Mail may still go to your old address after purchasing Mail Forwarding service for several reasons. Here are some things you can do to solve the problem. If these solutions don’t resolve the issue, please use the form below to create a service ticket to report the problem to us.

Check if the items going to your old address are ones we can’t forward

We can’t forward some types of mail and parcels.

  • Parcels: Mail Forwarding service is for forwarding mail, such as letters, but not parcels or packages. If you are expecting a parcel, you need to advise the sender(s) of your new address.
  • Mail marked “Do Not Forward”: Some senders may opt to mark their mail “Do Not Forward.” We can’t forward these letters. You need to contact these senders directly to update your mailing address.

Check to see if your service has expired

Verify that your Mail Forwarding service is still active by checking the expiration date on your original receipt or confirmation email. If it has expired, you can purchase Mail Forwarding service online.

Check the names on your order

Ensure that the mail recipient names listed on your Mail Forwarding service match the names on your mail and that all mail recipients are listed. If not, you can update your request. You can include up to 4 individuals or 2 individuals and 2 businesses on one request.

Update your Mail Forwarding service online

You can add or change recipient names by updating your Mail Forwarding service online. You’ll need the reference number from the confirmation email you received when you purchased the service or from your post office receipt.

Update your Mail Forwarding service at a post office

If you didn’t provide an email address when you bought the service you can update your order at a post office. Take your government-issued photo ID to your local post office, along with one of the following:

  • Receipt or Service Summary print-out from your order.
  • Service expiry notification card or letter.
  • A piece of mail that has been forwarded to your new address.

Submit a service ticket

Select one of the following forms based on whether you have a Canada Post customer account number. Fill out the form to submit a service ticket.