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Receiving / Mail Delivery

What can I do if a parcel was delivered late?

If you sent your parcel, either domestic or international, using a service with an on-time delivery guarantee and it was delivered late; you may be entitled to a postage refund.

Parcels delivered within Canada

You may be eligible for a refund of postage paid if:

  • You shipped your parcel using Priority™, Xpresspost™ or Expedited Parcel™. Parcels shipped using services that don’t have an on-time delivery guarantee, such as Regular Parcel, do not qualify for a refund.
  • Your parcel arrived after the guaranteed delivery date. Track your parcel now to ensure the delivery date has passed.
  • You are the sender of the parcel. If you are the receiver of the package, contact the sender to start the claim.
  • You need to submit your claim within 30 business days of the guaranteed delivery date.

Parcels delivered to U.S or international destinations

Parcels sent internationally must first clear customs. Canada Post and its international partners are not responsible for delays caused by customs.

Before requesting a refund:

Please note:

  • Only the sender of the parcel can request a refund. Senders need a copy of the mailing receipt to request a refund.
  • We can’t reimburse for any consequential costs incurred.

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