Summary of price and service changes for Direct Marketing and Transaction Mail services and Parcels products

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Direct Marketing and Transaction Mail services

Parcel Services


Parcel Services

Direct Marketing and Transaction Mail services

  • Changes Effective May 30, 2016
    • Increasing Machineable Mail Creative Flexibility
      Machineable Mail specifications expanded to allow non-standard features such as die-cuts, zipper seals and alternative tabbing locations
    • Simplifying and Standardizing Direct Marketing and Transaction Mail Container Labels
      • Removed requirement to use terra cotta ink colour container labels for time-committed Publications Mail (J-tags)
      • Container labels modified to reflect recent standardization
    • Fewer Samples Needed for Testing BRM Machineability
      Only 5 samples required for machineability testing rather than 50
  • Changes Effective April 1, 2016
    • New Personalized Mail 2D Barcoded Indicia
      Updating the Addressed Admail™ indicia artwork template for all formats to
      • reflect the new name “Personalized Mail™”
      • include a 2D static barcode
    • Eliminating the Pre-approval Process for Customized Postal Indicia
      Customers can always contact the Customer Service Network or their Canada Post representative if they have any questions on indicia artwork
  • International Incentive Letter-post Price Changes effective January 11, 2016


Parcel services

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