Learn how to get delivery updates by email

Have important delivery status information about your shipped items sent directly to your email or wireless device.

To sign up for email delivery updates:

  1. Locate your tracking number:
    • Tracking Number on your shipping receipt
    • Item Number on a prepaid envelope label
  2. Visit the Track tool and enter your tracking number.
  3. Select "Email notifications" above the delivery status.
  4. Complete the request form and click Submit.

Additional email addresses

You can add up to 4 email addresses to the delivery email request. This makes it easy and convenient to keep everyone, from the shipper to the receiver, up-to-date on the delivery of an item.

Types of email updates provided

You can request up to 4 different types of email updates:

  1. Ship: Indicates your parcel was received by Canada Post
  2. Exception: Notifies you of any unforeseen delivery interruptions, including packages that are returned to the sender.
  3. Delivery: Indicates when the item has been delivered by:
    • Notifying you when a delivery notice card was delivered informing the recipient that the parcel is available for pick up at a nearby post office.
    • Indicating the signature image or signatory name is available to view online (if applicable).
    • When the item is scanned as successfully delivered.

Email notification is not available if the item has already been delivered.