Testing a Postal Code Targeting mailing (FAQ)

Why do I need to test my Postal Code Targeting mail item?

You need to test your mail piece to delivery your market mailing successfully.

Canada Post tests two elements for Postal Code Targeting:

  • The quality, grade and readability of the barcode.
  • The machineability of the mail item so it can be mechanically processed; we test the format, size, weight and the paper stock’s ink absorbency.
Does every Postal Code Targeting item need to be tested?

Every new format, size and creative needs to be tested.

If a repeat mailing uses the exact same format, size and specifications of a previous mailing, it may not need to be tested again. Canada Post must review the item to see if it needs to be tested again.

How long does it take to get mail item testing results?

We will provide the results two business days after receiving the 200 test samples at our testing facility.

Where are Postal Code Targeting mail items tested?

Testing is done in Ottawa at Canada Post’s head office testing facility using the same equipment that is used in our mail processing plants.

Where can I deposit my test items?

Please call 1-866-757-5480 to receive the form and address information you need to send your 200 test items.

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