Corporate Governance

The Board provides oversight and guidance on behalf of Canada Post’s shareholder, the Government of Canada, on the strategies, business plans and related affairs of Canada Post.

In carrying out its oversight role, the Board holds management accountable for its business performance and strategic objectives. To fulfill these responsibilities the Board exercises due diligence over:

  • strategic initiatives and corporate plans
  • service and operational performance
  • internal control and financial reporting
  • major contracts and investments
  • recruitment of senior officers
  • health and safety, labour and compensation management
  • effective reporting to the shareholder

Canada Post's Public meetings

2018 Canada Post Annual Public Meeting

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018 Canada Post held its 13th Annual Public Meeting. This forum provided an opportunity to learn more about the Corporation, its service to Canadians and its financial results. Participants were also able to speak directly to senior leaders of the company about policies and direction.

Presenters included Ms. Jessica McDonald (Chair, Canada Post Board of Directors and Interim President and CEO) and Mr. Wayne Cheeseman (Chief Financial Officer, Canada Post).

Watch a video recording of the meeting here.

Minister Responsible for Canada Post Corporation

The Honourable Carla Qualtrough has been appointed Minister of Public Services and Procurement, responsible for Canada Post Corporation.

Governance Framework

Detailed Corporate Governance information is provided each year in our Annual Report. Read through the Report to find out more about the role and composition of the Board of Directors of Canada Post, its independence, its Committees, its effectiveness on matters such as Fraud and Error and on the governance model for Canada Post’s Subsidiaries...

Board Appointment Process

The Board of Directors is composed of 11 members, including the President and Chief Executive Officer. Each director, other than the Chairperson and the President and Chief Executive Officer, is appointed by the Minister, with the approval of the Governor in Council, for a term of up to 4 years. A director can be re-appointed to the Board on the expiration of his/her term.

The Chairperson of the Board of Directors is appointed by the Governor in Council for a term the Governor in Council considers appropriate. The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation is appointed by the Governor in Council for a term the Governor in Council considers appropriate.

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Canada Post recognizes that employee diversity is a business imperative in today's world. The Corporation's Equality in Employment policy applies to employment at all levels. It seeks to achieve a diverse workforce with representation from all employment equity groups including women, members of visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities. Canada Post is committed to building an inclusive workplace by identifying and eliminating employment barriers. It has as its goal, achieving and maintaining a representative workforce that reflects the Canadian labour market.

The Board of Directors monitors progress in this area. The Board receives annual reports on the Corporation's compliance with all elements of the Equality in Employment policy and seeks additional information addressing any areas it feels require increased focus.

Canada Post recognizes the importance of diversity in the workplace, including the relationship between gender diversity and corporate performance. The Board of Directors actively works to ensure that highly-qualified female candidates are put forward for consideration for any vacant positions. As a Crown Corporation, Canada Post's Board Members are appointed by the Governor-in-Council on the recommendation of our Minister. The Board's Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee works closely with the Minister's office to provide the skills and attributes needed by the Board and also address its commitment to diversity.

Since 2016, the Canada Post Corporation and its Board of Directors are members of the 30% Club, a voluntary group of Chairs and Chief Executive Officers that publically commit to increasing the number of women on boards and acknowledge the positive influence of such an increase. Canada Post's Board of Directors currently has 30% female members, including the Chairperson. It is focused on growing this number as it identifies potential candidates to replace retiring members in 2017.

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