Dime a Day

An employee-initiated Dime a Day program provides all employees the opportunity to support the Canada Post Community Foundation for Children through a payroll deduction of one dime a day. Over the course of each pay period, this adds up to just $1.40, or about the cost of a small coffee. Collectively though, each small donation adds up to a steady and ongoing revenue stream for the Foundation.

The Dime a Day program greatly enhances the reach and scope of the Foundation. Over the past four years your donations have totalled more than $1 million. Our dimes made a significant impact in the number of groups that were helped.

Your Dime a Day contributions provide a solid foundation for the Canada Post Community Foundation for Children, and we thank you for your support. It’s not too late to be part of this important program. If every employee were to participate, we would raise over $2 million every year to help us deliver a brighter future for kids across Canada. Sign up now!

* Dime a Day donations are considered charitable contributions and are deductible for income tax purposes. Annual contributions will be shown on your T4 each year.