Transportation Contracting

Request for proposals (RFPs) by province for transportation contract services

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CALGARY (AB) & EDMONTON Highway Service (Up to 44 Months)

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TS10866TS082317 September 8 2017 October 6 2017 Canada Post
Justin Lalonde

Sourcing Management
2701 Riverside Drive Ottawa ON K1A 0B1
(613) 734-8699

BRANDON (MB) Highway Services (Up to 5 Years)

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TS10841JL071417 August 30 2017 October 6 2017 Canada Post
Karl Kuate

Sourcing Management
2701 Riverside Drive Ottawa ON K1A 0B1
(613) 734-3000 ext 55480

CANADA POST uses Solicitation Control procedures to ensure fairness, efficiency and effectiveness of its procurement function. By being aware of the role of the Solicitation Control Office, Proposers have the best chance of successful submission of Proposals.

CANADA POST solicitations are coordinated through a department independent of the Sourcing Management Contracting Authority. This department is called the Solicitation Control Office. Proposals submitted in response to competitive solicitations, including Invitations to Tender, are received by the Solicitation Control Office. The Solicitation Control Office stores proposals in a controlled access area accessible only by Solicitation Control Office personnel. At the Closing date and Time, the Solicitation Control Office has custody of proposals that have been date and time stamped received prior to the closing date. Afterward the Solicitation Control Office passes Proposals to the Contracting Authority so that each may be evaluated by the Evaluation Team.

As a Proposer, you are responsible for submitting a fully compliant Proposal with all requirements, on or before the Closing Date and Time. By sending submissions at the last moment, you increase the risk that your Proposal will not be received by CANADA POST by the Closing Date and Time.