Data and list services

Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ solutions increases sales, lower costs and provide business insights through data and list services.

Data and list services

Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ solutions increases sales, lower costs and provide business insights through data and list services.  

Increase sales, lower costs and gain business insights.

Zero-in on your target audience

Work with our experts to analyze your market. We'll help you identify and target customers with the best potential.

Clean your data to maximize your ROI

Mailing to accurate addresses means less returned mail, lower mailing costs and more successful campaigns.

Reach your ideal customer

Our address data and services can help you market to new customers or reach existing ones more effectively.

Gain customer and business insights

Work with our experts for post-campaign analysis. Or use our services to improve your data for ongoing business intelligence.

Clean your data to get the best return on investment

Clean address data is more accurate, complete and deliverable

When you mail to a clean list you'll reach more recipients, making your campaign more effective. You'll also spend less on postage and returned mail, maximizing your return on investment. And you'll extract better insights from clean data, helping you gain business intelligence.

No one knows addresses better than Canada Post.

Data management services

Clean your address database with the most complete suite of data cleansing services available.

Clean your address database

Harness the power of geography

License Canada Post's address database for location intelligence, business analysis, address verification or mail presortation. Use the data within your company, or to enrich your software or other value-added products or services. Monthly updates ensure you're always current.

Licensed data products

  • Postal Code Address Data
  • Householder Data
  • Householder Elite Data
  • Delivery Mode Data
  • Postal Code Latitude/Longitude Data
  • Postal Outlet Data File
Put data to work for you

Canada Complete mailing lists

With the broadest reach in the country, Canada Complete direct mail lists can connect you with consumer and business customers from coast to coast.

Our lists are complete, accurate and current and we offer several unique audiences, such as movers and online shoppers. Use our wide range of targeting options to zero-in on your ideal customer.

Find customers with Canada Complete
Canada Complete mailing lists

National Change of Address (NCOA) Mover Data Service

Stay in touch with your customers after they move by keeping their addresses up-to-date.

Don't lose track of your customers when they move. Use the NCOA Mover Data service to keep your customer address records and mailing lists current. You'll maintain customer lifetime value and improve the return on investment of your mailings.

Get Canada’s most up-to-date source of mover information
National Change of Address (NCOA) Mover Data Service

Find out how much you can save with clean data

Try our data cleaning calculator

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