Smartmail Marketing

The Science of Activation™. Find new customers
and increase the value of your existing ones.

Smartmail Marketing

The Science of Activation™. Find new customers and increase the value of your existing ones. 

A more intelligent approach to direct mail

Inspire more customers to action with a potent mix of physical experience, data and connectivity. The Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™
approach blends these 3 powerful elements, proven to make your marketing mix more relevant and more engaging.

Make your acquisition dollars work harder.
New: Postal Code Targeting

White paper

Science plus inspiration equals smarter marketing

Find cutting-edge research. Explore industry-leading case studies. Our latest neuromarketing whitepaper reveals how direct mail and digital advertising work together in integrated campaigns. Learn how to optimize consumer attention, emotional engagement and brand recall.

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Connect with Everyone

Neighbourhood Mail

Neighbourhood Mail

(formerly Unaddressed Admail™)

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ finds the right customers for your business, large or small.

  • Reach broadly to every home, apartment and business in a select neighbourhood.
  • Target customers who match your preferred geographic and demographic profile.
  • Deploy easy and quick-to-market campaigns.
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We’ve had positive experiences with Canada Post from the word go. There were more coupons coming back from Canada Post, but the convincing detail was the way those mailouts influenced the top line. We’ve had proven results: Returns are an average of 20 per cent higher with Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail.

Brian Laughton, Arby’s franchisee

Find New Customers

Postal Code Targeting

Unlocks a whole new level of effectiveness for your acquisition efforts.

  • Leverage postal code data to reach prospects who share the attributes of your best customers.
  • Layer geographic, demographic and lifestyle insights onto postal code level data for optimal targeting.
  • Maximize acquisition dollars by only targeting new audiences while suppressing existing customers from your mailing.
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Connect one-to-one

Personalized Mail

(formerly Addressed Admail™)

Use our Canada Post Personalized Mail™ to drive better results and engagement

  • Deliver personalized marketing messages.
  • Deepen connections with existing customers.
  • Maximize customer loyalty initiatives.
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Personalized Mail
DTC Direct
The core of our educational programs are through the mail. Ongoing communications combining mail with emails are sent in a timely manner to strengthen the relationship. With this combination, the email opening rate averages 42 per cent and, more importantly, response rates to the mailout are consistently between 8 and 12 per cent.

Don Baker, DTC Direct



INCITE magazine showcases the world’s most innovative direct mail campaigns – ones that drive results.

  • Find inspiring ideas and the stories behind some of the world’s most effective marketing concepts.
  • See how the right approach makes direct mail one of the best channels to drive customers into action.
  • This high-end print magazine arrives three times a year – at no charge.
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Canadian marketing Association CMA
He declared his love in a letter. Why not in a text? Because a letter was something real in a virtual world. Because it was physical.

Patrick Collister, Editor of Directory, Head of Design, Google

Examples of Smartmail Marketing in action

Microsoft and BBDO

Microsoft and BBDO increase registrations by 30%, using direct mail to drive recipients online.

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Bulk Cat Litter

Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse’s claws-on marketing piece goes viral

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Bouncing Ball

How a bouncing ball reveals the power of Smartmail Marketing™ in an omni-channel world.

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Find inspiration, useful tips and the research data to support your next marketing campaign in our business blog.

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