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Physicality. Data. Connectivity.

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Breaking through the marketing noise

In today's hyper-connected world, physical marketing like direct mail is better at driving action for a simple reason – our brains seem hard-wired to pay more attention to it.

How touch can increase your ability to drive action

It's easier to understand


21% LESS mental effort is needed to process direct mail than digital media.

It's more persuasive


20% HIGHER motivation response to direct mail than digital media.

Comparing effectiveness

As you add sensory elements, your direct mail piece becomes more effective at engaging the brain.


Sources: Breaking Through the Noise, 2015 and A Bias for Action, 2015.

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Breaking Through the Noise

Consumer behaviour shows what's behind direct
mail's impressive results.

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A Bias for Action

Neuroscience proves the power of your brand
in customers' hands.

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Case study


The Homeless Letter

A Christmas donation appeal letter spends a night on the cold, damp streets of Gothenburg before it is mailed - the condition it arrived in was a tangible reminder of how tough it is to be homeless.

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Magic Dumbbell

Not a single factory manager refused a sales meeting after receiving a heavy package emblazoned with the message “Makes lighter work of heavy lifting.”

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Destination Japan

A travel agency sells out all the spots in its luxury ski trip to Japan with a pair of chopsticks sent in just the right packaging.

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The data advantage

Tap into information that increases campaigns' effectiveness. Precise targeting and personalization ensure that your message reaches the RIGHT people.

Winning marketing numbers


Reach the right reople

66% keep mail they consider useful

Use demographics and
psychographics to find people who are
interested in your product.

Show appreciation

57% feel more valued when brands contact them through mail.

Let your customers know you truly
appreciate their business.

Create a local sensation

47% visited a store in reaction to direct mail.

Make the most of geo-targeting to
connect with customers close to you.

Sources: Breaking Through the Noise, 2015 and A Bias for Action, 2015.

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It's Not Cheating

Data showed a shocking number of UK online fantasy football team fans choosing players from enemy teams – a huge taboo. A smart marketing campaign achieved over 630K registrations – despite a first ever paywall.

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Tesco Win Back

The grocery chain's Clubcard database identified 9,000 high-spending customers who had stopped shopping at Tesco. A funny, personalized coupon brought over half of them back.

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This Mug Is Not My Mug

Nokia needs “Yes” from 2 people who rarely talk to each other, the IT director and the Managing director of enterprise level businesses. Mugs with the wrong name got them talking to each other – and the Nokia sales rep.

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Watch neuroscience uncover how integrating direct mail and digital advertising - in the right combination and sequence - can amplify your marketing mix's impact.


Connecting for Action:
First-of-its-kind neuromarketing research

A neuromarketing look at how direct mail works with digital advertising in integrated campaigns to optimize consumer action, emotional engagement and brand recall.

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Connecting for Action – the numbers

Combination effects

A one-two punch drives action

Integrating direct mail and digital campaigns created 10% higher brand recall and 5% more arousal than single media campaigns.


Consumers brains paid 39% more attention to integrated direct mail and digital campaigns than to single-media digital campaigns.

Sequencing effects

Order can make a difference

Consumers had a


Arousal peaked 26% higher than other campaign mixes when
direct mail followed display.

Adding direct mail to a digital advertising campaign brings greater attention, heightened emotional engagement and stronger brand recall.

Arousal peaks in campaigns where direct mail follows display. Motivation peaks in campaigns where direct mail follows pre-roll. Brand recall peaks in campaigns where direct mail follows email.

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