Manage digital files

Move confidential files securely with epost Connect.

Manage digital files

Move confidential files securely with epost Connect.  

Document management solutions

Send your business documents and files digitally

Manage your business documents digitally with Canada Post. Our document management solutions provide customer convenience, reduce operational costs and are protected by the highest security standards.

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Use epost to securely deliver bills and statements

With the epost™ service, you can offer customers and employees a convenient way to receive bills, payroll and statements. Millions of Canadians use epost to receive, store and manage their important documents in a single place that is trusted by banks.

Send them with epost:

  • Bills
  • Statements
  • Payroll
  • Tax documents (T3, T4, T5 forms)

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Be more efficient for less cost

Deliver cost-effectively

Unlike email-based billing, you pay no website or customer support costs. While email addresses change, epost is always reliable.

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Reduce operational costs

Spend less on print, handling and delivery. Avoid fees associated with credit card and cheque payments.

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Receive payments faster

epost is fully integrated with all the major Canadian financial institutions, which increases on-time payments.

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Use epost Connect to move large files safely

The epost Connect™ platform is a secure digital delivery service that lets you send and receive confidential files of any size. It operates from the epost platform. There are 2 epost Connect services:

epost Connect — Bulk Distribution

Send large commercial invoices in all file types to multiple clients.

epost Connect — Collaboration

Instantly share any type of file up to 1 GB for interactive one-to-one collaboration in a secure online environment.

Send confidential documents with confidence

Enjoy security and peace of mind

Send your files confidently, knowing your data is trusted by banks and stored on Canadian servers.

Enjoy peace of mind
Save on business expenses
Save on business expenses

Reduce physical document production and delivery costs. And with its pay-per-use structure, you can avoid building your own internal system.

Share files easily

Users simply access epost Connect from their epost account. And because it's a browser-based system there are no compatibility issues.

Share files easily