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Watch these videos showcasing past and present pitchers that have used Canada Post solutions to take their businesses further.


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This reusable beeswax food wrap has the Dragons buzzing! While Abeego is in over 2,000 stores, 40% of its sales are online. Learn how Abeego simplified payments and shipping with PayPal integration – allowing them to save both time and money.

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This season

Profiling recent pitchers and how Solutions for Small Business has contributed to their success.

  • Endy

    See how, with the help of direct mail, Endy became Canada's fastest growing mattress company.

  • MyMayu

    See how "Go play outside" kids' footwear is a world-wide favourite. MyMayu saves time with Snap Ship.

  • Hee Haw Horseradish

    Hee Haw Horseradish
    See how this “hot” business saves time with Canada Post online shipping tools and parcel pickup.

  • Honibe

    See how Honibe dried honey products get noticed with help from a local Smartmail Marketing™ partner.

  • Big Dog Chains

    Big Dog Chains
    See how the world's strongest luxury dog collars go global helped by great international shipping rates.

  • Aqua Mermaid

    See how shipping for this mermaid tail business is swimmingly easy with help from Canada Post Snap Ship™

  • Go Java

    Go Java
    Watch how office coffee supplier with a twist markets itself in as little as 20 minutes.

  • Coming soon

    Coming Soon

Last season

  • Good Luck Sock

    Good Luck Sock
    Find out how a funky sock startup uses direct mail to grow online sales and subscriptions.

  • Men in Kilts

    Men in Kilts
    Discover how a window cleaning business is expanding with the help of Neighbourhood Mail.

  • Party Skirts

    Party Skirts
    Watch how Parcel Pickup helps this fashion company save up to 47% on shipping.

  • Nooks Design

    Nooks Design
    Discover how this children’s clothing company offers cost-effective shipping to customers.

  • Meowbox

    See how a cat subscription box service “purr-fectly” leverages Parcel Pickup for shipping.

  • Modeste

    Find out how convenient, cost-effective shipping helps this fashion-forward clothier.

  • Split Tree Cocktail Co.

    Split Tree Cocktail Co.
    How a cocktail mix company is stirring up cost-effective shipping and online integration.

  • Peapod Mats

    Peapod Mats
    See how this bedwetting mat company ships globally with PayPal & Canada Post eCommerce solutions.

Season 10

  • Kandy Outdoor Flooring

    Kandy Outdoor Flooring
    See how Snap Admail™ helped to target condo owners and was a "business miracle" for them.

  • Biosecrets

    Learn how Canada Post has helped this argan oil business grow into a national brand.

  • Covergalls

    Find out about the “rock solid” savings on shipping that helped this business grow domestically and internationally.

  • Carnivore Club

    Carnivore Club
    See how Canada Post is both a shipping and marketing partner for their cured meat subscription business.

  • Tutti Gourmet

    Tutti Gourmet
    See how this gourmet baked goods company got online & used Canada Post to create an easy online experience for its customers.

  • Greenlid

    Learn how global expansion for this innovative compost bin business is becoming a reality using Canada Post Parcel Pickup service.

  • Sussex Beard Oil Merchants

    Sussex Beard Oil Merchants
    Watch how Canada Post delivers peace of mind with shipping solutions to help this men’s grooming product company grow.

  • Peau de Loup

    Peau de Loup
    See how fantasic results can be achieved with website integration of the Canada Post shipping plugin and parcel pickup service.

  • Wee Woolies

    Wee Woolies
    See how Canada Post takes the stress out of shipping domestically and internationally for this children’s apparel company.

  • Sweet Flour Bake Shop

    Sweet Flour Bake Shop
    Watch how this bakery uses Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ to laser in on their target maket to drive online and in-store sales.

Season 9

  • Rent Frock Repeat

    Rent Frock Repeat
    See how Canada Post delivery and direct mail helped their sales soar.

  • Holy Crap

    Holy Crap
    See how Canada Post has helped the company sell their wild oats.

  • Monjeloco

    See how Canada Post has helped to sell their butt-lifting jeans.

  • Click My Restaurant

    Click My Restaurant
    See how a 30% response rate on direct mail has helped this business succeed.

  • Caplansky's Delicatessen

    Caplansky's Delicatessen
    See how Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™ helped to raise this retailer's profile.

  • Three Farmers

    Three Farmers
    See how Canada Post has been there for them and their camelina oil business every step of the way.

  • Awake Chocolate

    Awake Chocolate
    See how working with Canada Post has been a sweet deal for their caffeinated chocolate.

  • Mistura Beauty

    Mistura Beauty
    Watch to see how this cosmetics company has used Canada Post parcel pickup to deliver their products cost-effectively.

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