Think INSIDE the Box 2018: - Brace for Impact:

A new era of customer empowerment

Think INSIDE the Box 2018: - Brace for Impact: A new era of customer empowerment

Join fellow disruptors and game changers for a day of challenging, creative, unexpected thinking. Explore the most effective ways to reach audiences in the era of customer empowerment. Save your place for this senior-level, one-day-only innovative marketing conference - registration is limited. Don’t miss out.

Think INSIDE the Box 2018 - Brace for Impact

Date: October 18, 2018
Time: 9 am – 3 pm
(Registration and breakfast start at 8:30 a.m. Lunch and networking breaks are included.)
Location: The Carlu (7th floor – 444 Yonge St)
Cost: Free

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Featured speakers and topics

Digital Transformation

Andrew Au

Andrew Au, President

For today’s empowered consumers, personalization is the expectation. Join Andrew, a “millennial expert” and modern business leader as he provides insights into how marketers can take advantage of the increased volume and velocity of change in this $100 trillion opportunity. Discover the 4 pillars of systemic change that create ongoing, successful digital transformation.

Marketing and the Post Digital Age

Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin, EVP, Head of Innovation
Zenith Media

Welcome to the Post-Digital Age. Tom’s keynote talk covers the rapidly approaching unification of online and offline worlds – and what it will mean for brands and their marketing. Tom, voted #1 voice in Marketing by LinkedIn and author of the best-selling Digital Darwinism, shares insights designed to help brands rethink “Mid-Digital” strategies and get ready for the new.

Tap Into Targeted Address Intelligence

Davinder Singh

Davinder Singh,
Head of Marketing

Tina Lavigne Lind

Tina Lavigne Lind, Director Smartmail Marketing Strategy & Innovation
Canada Post

Learn how to leverage and tap into customers and prospects by neighbourhood, postal code or one-to-one using Canada Post’s data intelligence. Using recent customer case studies, Canada Post data expert, Tina Lavigne Lind, will show case best-in-class examples of how to tap into the right audience to launch a new product, retain existing customers, acquire new customers or as part of your loyalty programs, and how you can strategically target and connect with your customers and prospects to drive better results. Davinder Singh, Head of Marketing for, will breakdown a recent campaign that seamlessly leveraged direct mail with digital platforms, using robust technology.

Amanda Maltby, General Manager, Compliance and Chief Privacy Officer at Canada Post will talk about how the protection of customer information is paramount. During this presentation you will gain an understanding of how to respectfully leverage customer data in today’s climate of privacy of information.

Generational panel – Facilitated by Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown, President
FUSE Marketing Group

Everyone wants to know how to reach Canada’s 9.5 million millennials. Since Newsweek named the boomer cohort, we’ve labeled each subsequent generation – Gen X, millennial, Gen Z – as if age defines us. What if its life stage and not age that defines us? Join our panel of generational marketing experts and hear firsthand;

  • Why Gen Xers, while a small generation, are considered to be high value consumers.
  • Why marketers are making the wrong assumptions about how to engage and market to the 9.5 million millennials in Canada,
  • How boomers, while escaping the minds of many marketers, actually have enormous spending power, creating a rich potential audience for smart marketers.

Holly Fabiano, Associate Director for Coalition Marketing at AIR MILES Reward Program, will share expertise on millennial perspectives. Laurie Dillon-Schalk, Partner and VP of Strategy and Insights at FUSE Marketing Group, represents the Gen-Xer point of view. Deanna Skinner, VP of Marketing at Maritime Travel, shares insights into how to best leverage the boomer audience. Stephen, co-founder of FUSE Marketing and chair of the Canadian Marketing Association, is a leader in brand, CRM, digital, social and experiential marketing.

Breakout sessions

The Customer 4.0: Redefining the Customer Experience

Brad Breininger

Brad Breininger
Co-founder and Lead Strategist

The world continues to evolve—and customer expectations are changing along with it. How is technology and disruption changing the definition of service across all industries? Do we need to do the tried and true things better, or come up with new and fresh ideas to build better brands and connect? And, does age matter in defining great customer service?

In this session, Brad Breininger, Co-Founder and Lead Strategist at Zync, will explore how to grab attention, engage customers (their hearts and minds) and build brands that stick. He will also discuss what’s coming—and how it will change everything we know about brand and marketing.

Mass Personalization: Delivering Personalized Experiences

Esmé Rottschafer

Esmé Rottschafer, Co-founder

Jeremy Chrystman

Jeremy Chrystman, CIO
Q.I. Value Systems

Mass personalization is fundamentally changing how brands go to market. Learn how to use mass personalization to increase marketing conversion.

Esmé, an international business designer and foresight strategist, and Jeremy, a leader in creating data frameworks that quantify values to predict human behaviour, will explain mass personalization, how it changes the way brands approach marketing, and share how you can use it to increase marketing conversion.

Trigger marketing and Hyper-personalization

Panel discussion
Hosted by Tina Lavigne Lind, Canada Post

Josée Ruest

Josée Ruest, Senior Representative

Leverage data today to deliver a hyper-personalized, timely message to customers’ mailboxes tomorrow. Trigger marketing creates relationships built on relevancy, and experiences that foster loyalty. The presentation looks at advances in data and print technology that enable relevant messaging with a faster time to market.

Josée, an expert in relationship marketing, and other panelists will uncover key trends, data best practices, approach and execution and success/performance indicators to help you create effective trigger marketing campaigns.


Time Details
8:30 am to 9 am Registration and breakfast
9 am Opening remarks. Mike Badour, Canada Post and host Stephen Brown, FUSE Marketing
9:15 am Morning Keynote. Digital Transformation, Andrew Au, President, INTERCEPT
10:05 am Tap into Data Intelligence, Tina Lavigne Lind and Amanda Maltby, Canada Post
10:45 am Networking break
11:25 am Generational Panel
12 pm Round Table Discussion
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Breakout sessions.
Trigger marketing and Hyper-personalization
Delivering Personalization Experiences
The Customer 4.0
2:15 pm Afternoon Keynote. Marketing and the Post Digital Age, Tom Goodwin, EVP, Zenith Media.
3 pm Closing remarks


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