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Neighbourhood Mail™ Overview of Changes Print

Details on service and price changes for Canada Post Neighbourhood MailTM effective January 13, 2020 and other recent or upcoming changes

The details in this "Overview of Changes" is for information purposes only and should not be regarded or relied upon as legal advice or opinion. While no substantial changes other than those noted in this Overview of Changes are anticipated, we continue to review and update the Customer Guides.

Customers mailing with Canada Post must refer to the applicable General Terms and Conditions at

  • For Customers without a Canada Post Standing Offer Agreement, or
  • For Customers with a Canada Post Standing Offer Agreement

2020 Neighbourhood Mail Price Sheet

There will be price increases introduced on January 13, 2020. Refer to the 2020 Neighbourhood Mail Price Sheet at Only the non-contracted Price Sheet is available online.

Qualifying customers may have access to lower prices by signing an Agreement. To obtain further details, contact the Commercial Service Network at 1 866 757 5480.

2020 Neighbourhood Mail Customer Guide

The 2020 version of the Neighbourhood Mail Customer Guide will be posted at on November 18, 2019.

Recently introduced

Customer generated labels for Neighbourhood Mail

Customers with unique processing requirements can now generate their own container labels instead of printing labels through the EST Desktop. To create labels that meet Canada Post specifications, customers can export data from Canada Post's EST Desktop 2.0 version (XML file). All customer generated labels are subject to review and approval by Canada Post. Physical labels must be submitted for testing and will be evaluated for barcode data content, print quality and overall label layout. Please contact Order Acceptance at to access label specifications and have your labels approved.

Step-by-step instructions on how to export an XML file from EST are posted online at under Quick Links.

Effective January 13, 2020

Introducing a new maximum bundle weight

To address health and safety concerns when processing Neighbourhood Mail bundles, we are introducing a maximum bundle weight of 4 kg or 8 lbs 13 oz. For example, using a typical flyer, this would translate to bundles of approximately 150 items.

Given the impact this change may have on your mail preparation process, we are giving our customers a transition period to adopt this change and the new requirement will be in effect June 30, 2020.

Importance of proper container fill

To help ensure safe handling and protect items from damage, we remind you not overfill containers. We recommend 2 inches of space be left in a container to allow an operator to remove the mail. A simple way to test this is to tilt the Letterflatainer (LFT) on an angle so that the envelopes gravitate downwards, when about 2 inches remain, the container is at capacity.


Enhancement to improve the customer experience at time of mailing

To help resolve the delays caused by missing copies of the Order (Statement of Mailing / SOM) when customers deposit their mailing, we remind customers that all labels for containers, monotainers and pallets should include the Order (SOM) number. This solution allows our employees to reprint the SOM and accept the mailing, provided the SOM has been transmitted by the customer. This applies to Postal Code Targeting, Personalized Mail, Neighbourhood Mail, Publications Mail and Incentive Lettermail.

Coming Soon!

New, enhanced Express Order Entry tool

We are working on a new application to make Neighbourhood Mail easier and faster for customers with small mailings within a single delivery area to create orders for their campaigns. Watch, in the coming months, for the new Express Order Entry tool to make it easier to enter mailing data and navigate the tool.

Overview of Changes (OOC) posted October 28, 2019